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Name Contests Adjudicated
n, Marti 1
n, Simo 0
Nash, E. B. 2
Nash, Harold 5
Naylor, J. 1
Naylor, John 1
Naylor, Mr. 1
Naylor, Samuel 2
Nefosi, Signor 1
Neil, Bob 2
Neil, Dave 2
Neish, Les 17
Nellist, R. 2
Nellist, Ralph 18
Nelson, Havelock 7
Nethercoat, M. 2
Nethercoat, Maurice 1
Neuhaus, Olivier 1
Neukomm, Fritz 7
Neurohr, Ludovic 2
Neuzerling, Mr. 1
Newbigging, Jack 2
Newbigging, Terry 2
Newborough, Gary 23
Newham, H. 1
Newman, B. 1
Newman, H. F. 1
Newsome, Roy 382
Newton, E. 2
Newton, Edward 5
Newton, Rodney 8
Neyens, Nico 1
Nichol, Joseph Weston 8
Nicholls, G. 18
Nicholls, George 36
Nicholson, A. 1
Nicholson, Henry 20
Nicholson, Lynda 12
Nicholson, Mr. 1
Nielsen, Erik 1
Nikolaisen, Nils Eivind 21
Nikolaisen, Yngve 5
Nilsen, Arnulf Naur 1
Nilsen, Edward 5
Niquille, José 1
Nistad, Aline 5
Noble, J. 1
Norbury, Kevin 5
Norcross, Michael 1
Nordhagen, Stig 1
Nordin, Hans 2
Nordstrom, Yngve 1
Norgate, Jack 2
Norley, Paul 35
Norris, A. J. 1
North, J. 1
North, John 9
Norwood, Jasper 2
Norwood, Mr 1
Nunn, Mr. 1
Nussbaumer, Wolfgang 2
Nuttall, Alderman 1
Nuttall, H. 4
Nuttall, Harry 3
Nuttall, W. 4
Nuttall, Walter 23
Näf, Reto 4
Nørgaard, Gert 2

Starts with: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Show All

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