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Linthwaite Silver Band

Also/previously known as: 34th West York Rifle Volunteer Band (Linthwaite), Linthwaite Band, Linthwaite Brass Band, Linthwaite Silver Prize Band

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Years active:1852 -
Second Places:1
Third Places:1

Contest Results

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This view of the band's results is filtered to British Open. [Remove Filter].

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Date Contest Position Points Draw Conductor
4th Sep 1915 British Open 8 J. A. Greenwood
7th Sep 1914 British Open 6 4 J. A. Greenwood
1st Sep 1913 British Open 3 J. A. Greenwood
5th Sep 1910 British Open 5 John Gladney Jnr
6th Sep 1909 British Open 15 John Gladney Jnr
7th Sep 1908 British Open 5 18 Tom Eastwood
2nd Sep 1907 British Open 11 Alfred Gray
3rd Sep 1906 British Open 4 13 Alfred Gray
4th Sep 1905 British Open 4 7 Alfred Gray
5th Sep 1904 British Open 6 20 Alfred Gray
7th Sep 1903 British Open 3 Edwin Swift
4th Sep 1899 British Open 13 89 1 Edwin Swift
7th Sep 1896 British Open 14 70 4 Edwin Swift
3rd Sep 1894 British Open 13 62 1 Edwin Swift
5th Sep 1892 British Open Unknown, do you know?
7th Sep 1891 British Open 6 93 5 Edwin Swift
1st Sep 1890 British Open 5 10 Edwin Swift
2nd Sep 1889 British Open 6 11 Edwin Swift
3rd Sep 1888 British Open 8 J. Sidney Jones
5th Sep 1887 British Open 7 John Gladney Jnr
7th Sep 1885 British Open 14 John Gladney Jnr
1st Sep 1884 British Open 4 12 John Gladney Jnr
4th Sep 1882 British Open 2 Edwin Swift
6th Sep 1880 British Open 4 Edwin Swift
4th Sep 1876 British Open 4 Edwin Swift
6th Sep 1875 British Open 3 13 Edwin Swift
7th Sep 1874 British Open 1 Edwin Swift
8th Sep 1873 British Open 4 19 Edwin Swift
2nd Sep 1872 British Open 6 Edwin Swift
4th Sep 1871 British Open 14 Edwin Swift
6th Sep 1869 British Open 5 4 Edwin Swift
7th Sep 1868 British Open 5 Edwin Swift

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