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Stalybridge Old Band

Also/previously known as: Stalybridge Jones & Brother, Stalybridge Public, Stalybridge Tetley Walker Brewery

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Region:North West
Years active:1809 -
Ancestors:Stalybridge Borough
Second Places:2
Third Places:1

Contest Results

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This view of the band's results is filtered to British Open. [Remove Filter].

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Date Contest Position Points Draw Conductor
4th Sep 1993 British Open 21 171 22 Derek Broadbent
5th Sep 1992 British Open 16 174 1 Derek Broadbent
8th Sep 1990 British Open 11 Malcolm Brownbill
4th Sep 1882 British Open 5 John Gladney Jnr
5th Sep 1881 British Open 3 John Gladney Jnr
6th Sep 1880 British Open 2 John Gladney Jnr
2nd Sep 1878 British Open Unknown, do you know?
6th Sep 1875 British Open 4 8 John Gladney Jnr
8th Sep 1873 British Open 2 A. O. Pine
2nd Sep 1872 British Open 21 Unknown, do you know?
5th Sep 1870 British Open 9 Alexander Owen
6th Sep 1869 British Open 1 Alexander Owen
7th Sep 1868 British Open 2 G. Nicholls
4th Sep 1865 British Open 4 1 G. Nicholls
5th Sep 1864 British Open 2   10 Unknown, do you know?

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From British Bandsman April 22nd 1950 - "We wish success to the two bands of Stalybridge, now amalgamated under the name of Stalybridge Public Band. Alderman L.Harris, Mayor of Stalybridge, has been instrumental in the formation and is now working hard to get the band on a good footing. Mr W. Brown (late Ashton-under-Lyne S.A.) is the conductor."

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