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Gordon Pulleyn

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Date Contest Band Position Points Draw
5th Mar 2011 Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section) Linthwaite 8 6
7th Mar 2010 Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section) Linthwaite 3 6
27th Feb 1983 Yorkshire Area (Second Section) Wakefield City 13
28th Feb 1982 Yorkshire Area (Second Section) Lindley 21 170 3
8th Nov 1980 National Mineworkers (Second Section) Ireland Alloys 5
9th Mar 1980 Yorkshire Area (Championship Section) Lindley 3
17th Feb 1980 NWABBA (Championship Section) Lindley 1
18th Feb 1979 NWABBA Contest (Championship Section) Osborn Rockingham 1 181 3
26th Nov 1978 City of Leicester Brass Band Festival (Championship Section) Osborne Rockingham 3 187
16th Sep 1978 Dronfield Contest (Open Section) Osborne Rockingham 2 186
7th May 1978 Grand Shield Osborne Rockingham
26th Feb 1978 Yorkshire Area (Championship Section) Osborn Rockingham 4
22nd May 1977 Senior Trophy Meltham & Meltham Mills
15th Feb 1976 Yorkshire Area (Third Section) Skelmanthorpe 4 182 8
15th Feb 1976 Yorkshire Area (Second Section) Hepworth Silver
11th Oct 1975 National Championship of Great Britain (Second Section Final) Linthwaite
10th May 1975 Grand Shield Linthwaite Silver
2nd Feb 1975 Yorkshire Area (Second Section) Linthwaite 2 186
12th May 1974 Holme Valley Brass Band Contest (Section A) Linthwaite 3 178
12th May 1974 Trans Pennine (Greenfield) Band Contest (Section A) Linthwaite 3 81
4th May 1974 Grand Shield Linthwaite Silver 13 3
17th Feb 1974 Yorkshire Area (Second Section) Linthwaite
2nd Dec 1973 Huddersfield & District BBA Contest (Section A) Linthwaite 1 185
14th Oct 1973 Tyldesley Contest (Section A) Linthwaite 3 74
5th May 1973 Grand Shield Linthwaite Silver 4 183
6th May 1972 Senior Cup Stacksteads 11
16th Nov 1969 York & District BBA Contest (1st Section) Rowntrees Cocoa Works

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