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Scottish Championship (Fourth Section), 13th Mar 2010

Test Piece: Saint-Saƫns Variations
- Philip Sparke
Adjudicators: Nigel Seaman, David Thornton
Venue: Rothes Halls, Glenrothes

Scottish Championship (Third Section) 2010
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Position Band Conductor Draw Points
1 Dumfries Town Peter Heyes 4 185
2 Langholm Town Alan Fernie 1 184
3 Tayport Instrumental Frank Culross 2 182
4 Penicuik Silver David McAuley 3 180
5 Queensferry Community Brass Jim Anderson 6 179
6 Dysart Colliery Bill Sandell 5 178
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Qualifiers: Dumfries Town and Langholm Town

Best instrumentalist: Emma Irving (cornet, Dumfries Town)
Youngest BBb Bass player - Andrew Dick (Queensferry Community)

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Dumfries Town

Competed at this contest 21 times prior to 2010, first recorded in 1924. Conductor at this contest is Peter Heyes.

Scottish Championship History

2009 4th Peter Heyes The Talisman [Hughes]
2008 6th Peter Heyes Four Cities Symphony
2006 6th Peter Heyes Anglian Dances
2005 (Third Section) Withdrawn Tam O'Shanter's Ride [Wright]
2004 (Third Section) 9th Andrew Holland Vizcaya
2003 1st Peter Heyes Lydian Pictures
2002 7th Peter Heyes Suite in Bb [Jacob]
2001 6th Peter Heyes Sinfonietta Pastorale

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Langholm Town

Competed at this contest 17 times prior to 2010, first recorded in 1955. Conductor at this contest is Alan Fernie.

Scottish Championship History

2003 Withdrawn Lydian Pictures
2002 Withdrawn Suite in Bb [Jacob]

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Tayport Instrumental

Competed at this contest 40 times prior to 2010, first recorded in 1970. Conductor at this contest is Frank Culross.

Scottish Championship History

2009 (Third Section) 10th Frank Culross The Once and Future King
2008 (Third Section) 7th Frank Culross The Dark Side of the Moon
2007 (Third Section) 6th Frank Culross Prelude and Jubilate
2006 (Second Section) 12th Brian Deans Images of the Millennium
2005 (Second Section) 8th Peter Ratnik Variations for Brass Band
2004 (First Section) 9th Iain Davey Coventry Variations
2003 (First Section) 8th Robert McDonald Passacaglia on a Theme of Brahms
2002 (First Section) 5th Robert McDonald Royal Parks
2001 (Second Section) 2nd Robert McDonald The Moor of Venice
2000 (First Section) 9th Robert McDonald Music for the Common Man

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Penicuik Silver

Competed at this contest 61 times prior to 2010, first recorded in 1899. Conductor at this contest is David McAuley.

Scottish Championship History

2009 3rd Alex Knox The Talisman [Hughes]
2008 4th Terry Johns Four Cities Symphony
2007 6th Terry Johns The Seasons [Wilby]
2006 4th Frank Culross Anglian Dances
2005 7th Frank Culross Divertimento [Kelly]
2004 7th Iain Fleming Partita [Gregson]
2003 3rd Jim Chamberlain Lydian Pictures
2002 4th Stephen Duncan Suite in Bb [Jacob]
2001 3rd Stephen Duncan Sinfonietta Pastorale
2000 4th Stephen Duncan The Haslemere Suite

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Queensferry Community Brass

Competed at this contest 7 times prior to 2010, first recorded in 2003. Conductor at this contest is Jim Anderson.

Scottish Championship History

2009 5th Jim Anderson The Talisman [Hughes]
2008 7th John Gilmour Four Cities Symphony
2007 4th Jim Anderson The Seasons [Wilby]
2006 3rd Jim Anderson Anglian Dances
2005 4th Jim Anderson Divertimento [Kelly]
2004 10th Jim Anderson Partita [Gregson]
2003 6th Jim Anderson Lydian Pictures

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Dysart Colliery

Competed at this contest 35 times prior to 2010, first recorded in 1909. Conductor at this contest is Bill Sandell.

Scottish Championship History

2008 8th Bill Sandell Four Cities Symphony
2005 9th Frank Culross Divertimento [Kelly]
2004 11th Frank Culross Partita [Gregson]
2003 Withdrawn Lydian Pictures
2002 Withdrawn Suite in Bb [Jacob]

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Band Distance
Dumfries Town 79.5 mi / 127.9 km
Langholm Town 72.4 mi / 116.6 km
Penicuik Silver 25.3 mi / 40.8 km
Tayport Instrumental 20.7 mi / 33.3 km
Queensferry Community Brass 16.6 mi / 26.7 km
Dysart Colliery 5.1 mi / 8.3 km

Average distance: 36.6 mi / 58.9 km


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