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Dances and Alleluias (2006), Philip Sparke


Contest Test Pieces (4)

Date Contest Winner
Mar 2008 Australian Championships (A Grade) Brisbane Excelsior Band
19th May 2007 Senior Cup Wingates Brass
14th Apr 2007 North American Championships (Championship Section) Fountain City
1st Jul 2006 English Nationals Foden's Richardson


Own Choice Test Pieces (24)

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Date Contest Band Position
6th Jul 2013 World Music Contest (WMC) (1st division) Brassband Merum 6
25th Jun 2011 Eidgenössisches Musikfest (First Section) BB Sursilvana 5
28th Nov 2010 Swiss National Championships (Excellence Section) Ensemble de Cuivres Valaisan 4
31st Oct 2010 Danish National Championship (Championship Division) Nordvestjysk Brass Band 4
10th Jul 2010 New Zealand National Championships (A Grade) Dalewool Auckland 3
10th Jul 2010 New Zealand National Championships (A Grade) Pelorus Trust Wellington Brass 7
29th Nov 2009 Leicestershire BBA (Leicester) Contest (Open Section) Ratby Co-operative 1
28th Nov 2009 Wessex Brass Band Association (First Section) Friary Guildford 5
28th Nov 2009 Scottish Open Dalmellington 13
3rd Oct 2009 Fife Charities Band Association Contest Dalmellington 1
17th May 2009 Weston-super-Mare (Championship/First Section) Yeovil Town 5
7th Feb 2009 Norwegian National Championships (Division 1) Radoy Brass 12
19th Oct 2008 SCABA Autumn Contest (Championship Section) Friary Guildford 1
12th Jul 2008 New Zealand National Championships (A Grade) Brisbane Brass 8
17th May 2008 SEWBBA (Ebbw Vale) Contest (Championship Section) Newbridge (Celynen) 6
8th Feb 2008 Norwegian National Championships (Division 2) Orskog Brass 1
3rd Feb 2008 Brass At The Guild (Preston) Contest (Championship Section) Freckleton 10
18th Nov 2007 Leicestershire BBA (Leicester) Contest (Open Section) Aldbourne 1
20th May 2007 Weston-super-Mare (Championship & First Section) Newbridge (Celynen) 1
May 2007 SEWBBA (Ebbw Vale) Contest (Championship Section) Newbridge (Celynen) 2
21st Apr 2007 Fife Brass Band Festival (Championship Section) Kingdom Brass 1
Apr 2007 Australian Championships (A Grade) St Mary's Band Club Brass 6
10th Feb 2007 Norwegian National Championships (Division 1) Kleppe Musikklag 3
10th Feb 2007 Norwegian National Championships (Elite Section) Sandefjord Brass Symposium 9

Percussion Requirements

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