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Diogenes (1995), Jacob de Haan

Contest Test Pieces (2)

Date Contest Winner
14th Apr 2000 North American Championships (Youth Section) Junior Varsity All-Stars
9th Dec 1995 Dutch Nationals (Fourth Division) Constatijn Huygens


Own Choice Test Pieces (12)

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Date Contest Band Position
8th Jun 2014 Kantonal Musikfest Valais/Wallis (Third Section) Corps de Musique Saxon 2
8th Jun 2014 Kantonal Musikfest Valais/Wallis (Second Section) MG Minerva Ferden 13
25th May 2014 St. Galler Kantonal-Musikfest (Third Section) Musikgesellschaft Zuckenriet 2
11th May 2013 Kantonal Musikfest Vaud/Waadt (Second Section) Fanfare Saint-Livres 5
19th Jun 2011 Eidgenössisches Musikfest (Second Section) MG Jenaz 20
18th Jun 2011 Eidgenössisches Musikfest (Third Section) Musikgesellschaft Dürrenäsch 1
18th Jun 2011 Eidgenössisches Musikfest (Third Section) Dorfmusik Mandach 5
13th Jun 2009 Regionalmusiktag - Thierstein & Dorneck, SO (Wettspiel) Brass Band Meltingen
4th Apr 2009 North American Championships (Honors Section) Motor City Brass Band 6
16th Jun 2007 Graubünden Kantonales Musikfest (Third Section) Musikgesellschaft Bonaduz 5
14th Apr 2007 North American Championships (Youth Open Section) Junior Varsity All-Star Brass Band 2
18th Jun 2006 Eidgenössisches Musikfest (Third Section) Societad da musica Falera 1

Percussion Requirements

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