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Tintagel (1930), Denis (Dr) Wright

Contest Test Pieces (19)

Date Contest Winner
14th Apr 2013 National Youth Brass Band Championships - Advanced Section Gwynedd
12th Apr 1997 West of England Area (Third Section) St. Keverne
6th Apr 1997 Welsh Area (Third Section) Deiniolen
15th Mar 1997 North of England Area (Third Section) Barrow Concert
9th Mar 1997 London and Southern Counties (Third Section) Littleport Brass
9th Mar 1997 North West Area (Third Section) Ashton-under-Lyne
2nd Mar 1997 Midlands Area (Third Section) Kirkby Colliery Welfare
2nd Mar 1997 Yorkshire Area (Third Section) Marsden Silver Prize
1st Mar 1997 Scottish Championship (Third Section) Kepston Q Fab Whitburn Brass
20th Nov 1993 Reading Contest (Third Section) Bedworth
19th Jun 1993 West of England Bandsmen's Festival (Class B) Helston Town
2nd Dec 1989 Wessex Brass Band Association Winter Contest (Second Section) Gillingham Imperial Silver
1st Feb 1981 Durham League Contest (Section C) Sacriston Colliery
13th Sep 1980 Dronfield Contest (Open Section) Matlock
11th Nov 1978 National Mineworkers (Championship Section) Carlton Main Frickley Colliery
Jun 1963 West of England Bandsmen's Festival (Class A)
9th Apr 1961 Durham League Contest (Section A) Crookhall Colliery
24th Nov 1957 Yorkshire v. Lancashire Contest (Class A) Hoggarths
18th May 1957 Grand Shield Finedon Old Prize Band


Own Choice Test Pieces (8)

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Date Contest Band Position
18th May 1997 Leicestershire BBA (Leicester) Contest (Third Section) Rushden Windmill 1
5th Dec 1993 West Midlands Brass Band Association Contest (Third Section) Bedworth Brass 2
27th Sep 1980 Leamington Spa (Warwick District Council) Contest (Open Section) Matlock Band 7
27th Sep 1980 Leamington Spa (Warwick District Council) Contest (Open Section) Corby Beanfield School 11
29th Sep 1979 Leamington Spa (Warwick District Council) Contest (Open Section) Coventry Festival 3
29th Sep 1979 Leamington Spa (Warwick District Council) Contest (Open Section) City of Birmingham Delta Brass 6
18th Apr 1970 Excelsior Festival of Music Coedely
14th Mar 1957 Brass Band League (NI) Spring Festival (Championship Section) 1st Old Boys 1

Percussion Requirements

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