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Aigburth Subscription

Contest Results

Date Contest Position Test Piece Draw Conductor
1st Jan 1924 Colwyn Bay Contest 2 Woodland Revels Henry Wareing
7th Aug 1922 Knutsford Contest 3 Henry Wareing
29th Aug 1914 New Brighton Contest 3 Sons of the Sea 2 J. A. Greenwood
6th Sep 1913 Prescot Contest 3 Songs of Sentiment 3 J. A. Greenwood
30th Aug 1913 New Brighton Contest 3 Songs of Sentiment 2 J. A. Greenwood
23rd Aug 1913 Eastham Contest 2 Songs of Sentiment 4 J. A. Greenwood
19th May 1913 Bromborough Pool 2 Gems of the Old Days 5 Henry Wareing
17th May 1913 New Brighton Contest The Bohemian Girl [unknown arranger] 18 J. A. Greenwood
31st Aug 1912 New Brighton Contest 5 Songs of Old England 5 J. A. Greenwood
24th Aug 1912 Frodsham Contest 3 Songs of Old England 7 J. A. Greenwood
26th Aug 1911 Frodsham Contest Land of the Shamrock 1 J. A. Greenwood
24th Sep 1910 Southport Contest 3 Robin Hood [MacFarren arr. Godfrey] 9 J. A. Greenwood
17th Sep 1910 New Brighton Contest Robin Hood [MacFarren arr. Godfrey] 10 J. A. Greenwood
26th Mar 1910 Westhoughton Contest Esmeralda 2 J. A. Greenwood
18th Sep 1909 Southport Contest 1 Mirth and Melody J. A. Greenwood
26th Jun 1909 Wavertree Contest 2 A Continental Tour J. A. Greenwood
15th Jul 1905 Bromborough Pool Llewellyn 6 J. A. Greenwood

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