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Aston Water Works

Also/previously known as: Aston Waterworks

This band no longer exists.

Contest Results

Date Contest Position Test Piece Draw Conductor
13th Apr 1903 Stourbridge Contest ( Section 1) 7 Le Domino Noir [unknown arranger] 5 Unknown, do you know?
13th Apr 1903 Stourbridge Contest (Section 2) The Gondoliers [unknown arranger] 6 Unknown, do you know?
23rd Aug 1902 Northfield Contest 1 Gems of Scotia 8 W. F. Rowe
3rd May 1902 Blakenhall Heath Contest Songs of Scotland 4 Christopher Smith
31st Mar 1902 Stourbridge Contest (Section 2) 2 The Slave Unknown, do you know?
14th Sep 1901 Stourbridge Contest 4 3 W. F. Rowe
26th Aug 1901 Cannock Contest 7 Unknown, do you know?
20th Jul 1901 Brierley Hill Contest 2 Halevy [arr. Round] 2 Fred Hughes
8th Apr 1901 Lydney Contest 5 Crispino [arr. Round] Unknown, do you know?
6th Apr 1901 Stonebridge Contest 2 Echoes of the Ocean Unknown, do you know?
20th Aug 1900 Cannock Contest 4 Oberon [arr. Round] 8 John King Skinner
16th Jul 1900 Bridgnorth Contest 3 Songs of England [Round] 6 John King Skinner
16th Apr 1900 Lydney Contest 5 Songs of England [Round] 1 Christopher Smith

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