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Basford Hall Colliery Welfare

Also/previously known as: Basford Hall Miners Welfare, Basford Hall Miners' Welfare, Basford Hall MW, Basford Hall Silver, Basford Hall Welfare

This band no longer exists.
Years active:1947 -

Contest Results

Date Contest Position Test Piece Draw Conductor
27th Apr 1963 Midlands Area (Fourth Section) Four Little Maids A. E. Lack
28th Jun 1958 CISWO Nottinghamshire (March Contest) Unknown, do you know?
16th Mar 1957 Midlands Area (Third Section) Spirit of Progress John Baldwin
17th Mar 1956 Midlands Area (Third Section) Normandy John Baldwin
12th Mar 1955 Midlands Area (Third Section) Crown Cavalcade Unknown, do you know?
21st Feb 1953 Midlands Area (Second Section) King Lear 15 John Baldwin
12th Jul 1952 Shirebrook Contest 4 Unknown, do you know?
23rd Mar 1952 North East Midlands Contest (Second Section) 1 John Baldwin
16th Feb 1952 Midlands Area (Third Section) Rufford Abbey Unknown, do you know?
8th Sep 1951 Loughborough Contest 3 Hinchingbrooke John Baldwin
17th Feb 1951 Midlands Area (Third Section) Hinchingbrooke Unknown, do you know?
11th Mar 1950 Midlands Area (Third Section) Indian Summer Unknown, do you know?
7th May 1949 Belle Vue May Contest (Class B) Mirella [arr. Godfrey] 11 John Baldwin
12th Feb 1949 Midlands Area (Third Section) 5 Petite Suite de Ballet Unknown, do you know?
11th Sep 1948 North East Midlands Contest (Second Section) 1 T. Hinson
8th May 1948 Belle Vue May Contest (Class C Group 1) 2 Three Songs without Words T. Hinson

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Band formed in May 1947.

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