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BB Frenkendorf

Also/previously known as: Brass Band Frenkendorf

Contest Results

Date Contest Position Test Piece Draw Conductor
26th May 2018 Musiktage Basel (Musikpreis) 3 8 Jennifer Tauder
27th May 2017 Musiktage Basel (U-Musik) 6   Bence Toth
11th Jun 2016 Eidgenössisches Musikfest (Marschmusik 2nd & 3rd) 13   174 Bence Toth
11th Jun 2016 Eidgenössisches Musikfest (Second Section) 28   Fire In The Blood 44 Bence Toth
6th Jun 2015 Musiktage Basel (Marschmusik) 2 March: Gruss an Bern 7 Bence Toth
6th Jun 2015 Musiktage Basel (Kurzprogramm) The Dark Side of the Moon 13 Bence Toth
15th Jun 2014 Musiktage Basel (Marschmusik) 5   Bence Toth
14th Jun 2014 Musiktage Basel (Musikpreis BB) 2   Newstead Bence Toth
16th Jun 2012 Musiktage Basel (Musikpreis BB) 3   Diogenes Bence Toth
19th Jun 2011 Eidgenössisches Musikfest (Second Section) 39   A Saddleworth Festival Overture 12 Bence Toth
20th Jun 2010 Kantonales Musikfest beider Basel (Marschmusik) 16   Bence Toth
18th Jun 2006 Eidgenössisches Musikfest (Second Section) 11   Slavia 52 Erwin Schnider
26th Jun 2005 Baselland Kantonales Musikfest (Marschmusik) 2   Herve Grelat
26th Jun 2005 Basel Kantonales Musikfest (Second Section) 4 Herve Grelat
20th Jun 2004 Jurassisch Kantonales Musikfest (Second Section) 2   Herve Grelat
23rd Jun 2001 Eidgenössisches Musikfest (Marschmusik) 3   Unknown, do you know?
16th Jun 2001 Eidgenössisches Musikfest (Second Section) 25 Oceans Marcel Bossert
27th Nov 1999 Swiss National Championships (Second Division) Vizcaya Marcel Bossert
28th Nov 1998 Swiss National Championships (Second Division) The Call of the Righteous Marcel Bossert

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