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Blackburn's Steel Works Band

Also/previously known as: Blackburn Steel Works Band, Dick Kerr Electric Works, Dick Kerr English Electrical Works, Electric Tramway and Tramway Carriage Brass Band

Contest Results

Date Contest Position Test Piece Draw Conductor
10th Sep 1938 Freckleton Contest 4 Wayside Scenes J. A. Hughes
20th Aug 1938 Dearham Contest 3 La Regina di Golconda J. A. Hughes
9th Jul 1938 Belle Vue March Contest 4 J. A. Hughes
9th Jul 1938 Belle Vue July Contest (Class A) Pride of Race 12 J. A. Hughes
11th Jun 1938 Leeds Contest (Section One) Academic Festival Overture 9 Unknown, do you know?
23rd Oct 1937 Stalybridge Contest The Call of Youth Unknown, do you know?
11th Sep 1937 Freckleton Contest 1 The Call of Youth J. A. Hughes
21st Aug 1937 Dearham Contest 2 Il Pirata [unknown arranger] J. A. Hughes
18th Apr 1936 Southport Music Festival Contest Tchaikovsky [arr. W. Rimmer] 13 J. A. Hughes
13th Apr 1936 Morecambe Contest Autumn Echoes Unknown, do you know?
2nd Sep 1935 British Open A Northern Rhapsody J. A. Hughes
5th Sep 1932 British Open The Crusaders 20 J. Birkett
23rd Jul 1932 Oldham Contest (Section A) 3 J. Birkett
23rd Jul 1932 Belle Vue July Contest (Class A) L'Arlesienne 13 J. Birkett
14th Nov 1931 Dawson (Warrington) Contest 1 The Golden Age or Gems of Old England J. Birkett
7th Sep 1931 British Open Springtime 25 J. Birkett
11th Jul 1931 Belle Vue July Contest (Class A) Faust [Berlioz, unknown arranger] 5 J. Birkett
14th Jun 1924 Blackpool Contest The Flying Dutchman [unknown arranger] Unknown, do you know?
24th May 1924 Darwen Contest 4 Gems of Italian Opera J. A. Greenwood
26th Apr 1924 Glazebury Contest 1 Gems of Italian Opera Unknown, do you know?
18th Apr 1924 Eccles Contest 2 Gems of Italian Opera J. A. Greenwood
3rd Sep 1923 British Open Dinorah [arr. Godfrey] 14 J. A. Greenwood
19th May 1923 Darwen Contest 5 Sailor Songs [W. Rimmer] J. Birkett
28th Apr 1923 Glazebury Contest Sailor Songs [W. Rimmer] Unknown, do you know?
30th Mar 1923 Eccles Contest 1 Sailor Songs [W. Rimmer] 5 J. Birkett
30th Mar 1923 Westhoughton Contest 3 Sailor Songs [W. Rimmer] 13 J. Birkett
24th Sep 1921 National Championship of Great Britain (Crystal Palace) W Life Divine
5th Sep 1921 British Open Maritana [arr. Godfrey] William Halliwell
6th Sep 1920 Belle Vue September Contest I Lombardi 1 William Halliwell
10th Jul 1920 Belle Vue July Contest 3 Les Diamants de la Couronne [arr. Godfrey] 9 William Halliwell
22nd May 1920 Brass Band Organisation (N.W.Area) - Section B 1 Songs of Scotland 2 William Halliwell
8th May 1920 Horwich Contest 2 Recollections of England William Halliwell
30th Apr 1920 Blackrod Contest 2 Recollections of England 2 Richard Fawcett
1st Sep 1919 Belle Vue September Contest The Lily of Killarney [arr. Godfrey] 12 William Halliwell
12th Jul 1919 Belle Vue July Contest 1   Lucia di Lammermoor [arr. Godfrey] 7 Richard Fawcett
13th Jul 1918 Belle Vue July Contest The Taming of the Shrew 14 William Halliwell

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