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Bold Miners Welfare Band

This band no longer exists.
Region:North West
Years active:1970 - 1990
Ancestors:Clock Face Colliery Band

Contest Results

Date Contest Position Test Piece Draw Conductor
8th Nov 1986 National Mineworkers (Fourth Section) Blenheim (Heroic Overture) 12 Unknown, do you know?
25th Mar 1984 North West Area (Fourth Section) Divertimento [Ball] Keith Richmond
4th Dec 1983 Tyldesley Contest (Section B) 8 Keith Richmond
5th Nov 1983 National Mineworkers (Fourth Section) The Seasons [Carr] 7 Keith Richmond
1st Apr 1983 Pontins Southport (Fourth Section) Suite Gothique 20 R. Dykes
21st Nov 1982 Pilkington Northern Open (Section C) W Metropolis
6th Nov 1982 National Mineworkers (Fourth Section) 3 Fancy Free 2 R. Dykes
26th Sep 1982 Burtonwood Brewery Brass Band Championships (Section 'C') 4 1 R. Dykes
2nd May 1982 Buxton Festival (Section C) English Folk Song Suite Unknown, do you know?
14th Feb 1982 NWABBA Contest (Fourth Section) 20 English Folk Song Suite 5 Unknown, do you know?
7th Nov 1981 National Mineworkers (Fourth Section) 1 Themes from the First Symphony [Beethoven] 10 R. Dykes
15th Feb 1981 NWABBA Contest (Fourth Section) 4 Petite Suite de Ballet 2 R. Dykes
8th Nov 1980 National Mineworkers (Fourth Section) First Suite in Eb [arr. Herbert] 11 R. Dykes
4th Apr 1980 Pontins Southport (Fourth Section) Overture to Youth 16 J. D. Robinson
3rd Nov 1979 National Mineworkers (Fourth Section) Othello 4 D. A. Owen
23rd Sep 1979 Skelmersdale Contest (Section B) Othello 1 D. A. Owen
23rd Sep 1979 Skelmersdale Contest (Section A) W
15th Sep 1979 Whitchurch (Shropshire) Contest (Fourth Section) The Seasons [Carr] D. A. Owen
13th Apr 1979 Pontins Southport (Fourth Section) The Winter's Tale 7 D. A. Owen
1st Apr 1979 North West Area (Fourth Section) The Winter's Tale 4 D. A. Owen
18th Mar 1979 Allerdale Own Choice Contest (Section C) 1 D. A. Owen
18th Feb 1979 NWABBA Contest (Fourth Section) W Blenheim (Heroic Overture) 12
28th Jan 1979 Rochdale Contest (Section B) 8 T. Wall
11th Nov 1978 National Mineworkers (Fourth Section) The Princess and the Poet T. Wall Jnr
2nd Apr 1978 North West Area (Fourth Section) Mexican Fiesta 14 T. Wall
24th Mar 1978 Pontins Prestatyn (Fourth Section) 10 Three Days T. Wall Jnr
19th Feb 1978 NWABBA Contest (Fourth Section) Mexican Fiesta 16 T. Wall
5th Nov 1977 National Mineworkers (Fourth Section) Contest Day 10 T. Wall
22nd May 1977 Granada Band of the Year - Senior Trophy First Suite in Eb [arr. Herbert] 15 T. Wall
1st May 1977 Buxton Festival (Section B) First Suite in Eb [arr. Herbert] 6 T. Wall
8th Apr 1977 Pontins Southport (Fourth Section) Four Little Maids 11 T. Wall
13th Feb 1977 NWABBA Contest (Fourth Section) First Suite in Eb [arr. Herbert] 5 T. Wall
5th Dec 1976 Tyldesley Contest (Section B) 13 6 T. Wall
30th Oct 1976 National Mineworkers (Fourth Section) The Gay Delavals 12 T. Wall
2nd May 1976 Buxton Festival (Section C) Voices of Youth 4 D. Crossley
17th Apr 1976 Pontins Southport (Fourth Section) Indian Summer D. Crossley
28th Mar 1976 North West Area (Fourth Section) Voices of Youth D. Crossley
7th Mar 1976 Oldham Contest (Section B) 5 D. Crossley
15th Feb 1976 NWABBA Contest (Fourth Section) 3 Voices of Youth 5 D. Crossley
7th Dec 1975 Tyldesley Contest (Section B) 5 D. Crossley
1st Nov 1975 National Mineworkers (Fourth Section) Festival Suite 3 D. Crossley
27th Apr 1975 Buxton Festival (Section C) Four Little Maids 7 D. Crossley
29th Mar 1975 Pontins (Fourth Section) 6 Indian Summer 5 D. Crossley
2nd Nov 1974 National Mineworkers (Fourth Section) Episodes for Brass [Hanmer] 5 T. Wall
28th Apr 1974 Buxton Festival (Section C) 3 Everybody's Child 6 E. Stirrup
20th Apr 1974 Pontins (Fourth Section) E. Stirrup
10th Feb 1974 North West Association Contest (Fourth Section) Episodes for Brass [Hanmer] 8 E. Stirrup

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