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Brass Band Oberösterreich

Years active:2002 -

Contest Results

Date Contest Position Test Piece Draw Conductor
2nd May 2020 European Championships A Road Less Travelled By Unknown, do you know?
3rd Nov 2019 Austrian National Championship (A Section) 1   Dear Cassandra 1 Ian Porthouse
27th Apr 2019 European Championships 8 From Ancient Times 7 Ian Porthouse
18th Nov 2018 Austrian National Championship (A Section) 1   From Ancient Times 4 Ian Porthouse
27th Oct 2017 Austrian National Championship (A Section) 3 Harmony Music Ian Porthouse
29th Apr 2017 European Championships 10 A Brussels Requiem 5 Erik Janssen
6th Nov 2016 Austrian National Championship (A Section) 1   Red Priest Ian Porthouse
30th Apr 2016 European Championships 11 Ekstase 4 Ian Porthouse
8th Nov 2015 Austrian National Championship (A Section) 1   On the Shoulders of Giants Ian Porthouse
2nd May 2015 European Championships 9 Audivi Media Nocte 7 Ian Porthouse
9th Nov 2014 Austrian National Championship (A Section) 1 Of Distant Memories Ian Porthouse
3rd May 2013 European Championships 10 Extreme Make-over 4 Hans Gansch
5th May 2012 European Championships 10 Within Blue Empires 9 Hannes Buchegger
1st May 2010 European Championships 3 From Ancient Times 9 Hannes Buchegger
2nd May 2009 European Championships 6 The Spirit of Puccini 9 Hannes Buchegger
3rd May 2008 European Championships 10 Dreams 11 Hannes Buchegger
18th Nov 2007 Brass In Concert 6 8 Hannes Buchegger
5th May 2007 European Championships 5 Titan's Progress 9 Hannes Buchegger
29th Apr 2006 European Championships (B Section) 1   Little Christmas 4 Hannes Buchegger
30th Apr 2005 European Brass Band Championships (1st Section) 1 Match-Rhythm 6 Hannes Buchegger
Years Contest
2014 2015 2016 Austrian National Championship (A Section)

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