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Brass Band Schoonhoven

Also/previously known as: Brass Band Schoonhoven A

Contest Results

Date Contest Position Test Piece Draw Conductor
9th Jul 2022 World Music Contest (WMC) (Concert Division) Contest Music Paul Holland
1st May 2022 European Championships 7 Fraternity 8 Paul Holland
30th Oct 2021 Dutch Nationals (Championship Division) 8 The World Rejoicing (Variations on a Lutheran Chorale) 1 Benny Wiame
2nd May 2020 European Championships A Road Less Travelled By Ivan Meylemans
17th Nov 2019 Brass In Concert 6   9 Robbert Vos
26th Oct 2019 Dutch Nationals (Championship Division) 1   Vienna Nights 5 Paul Holland
27th Oct 2018 Dutch Nationals (Championship Division) 3 Old Licks Bluesed Up 4 Ivan Meylemans
9th Jun 2018 Dutch Open (Championship Division) 1 Perihelion - Closer to the Sun Ivan Meylemans
28th Oct 2017 Dutch Nationals (Championship Division) 2 Handel in the Band Ivan Meylemans
9th Jul 2017 World Music Contest (WMC) (Concert Division) 6   Ivory Ghosts 1 Ivan Meylemans
29th Apr 2017 European Championships 9 Journey of the Lone Wolf 12 Ivan Meylemans
20th Nov 2016 Brass In Concert 5 6 Ivan Meylemans
22nd Oct 2016 Dutch Nationals (Championship Division) 1 The Triumph of Time 8 Ian Porthouse
18th Jun 2016 Survento Brass (Group A) 1   Ivan Meylemans
16th Apr 2016 Flemish Open Brass Band Championship (A-Section) 2 Behind the Curtain 6 Ian Porthouse
14th Nov 2015 Dutch Nationals (Championship Division) 3 Terra Incognita 7 Ivan Meylemans
13th Jun 2015 Dutch Open (Championship Division) 3 Journey to the Centre of the Earth 1 Guy Audenaert
16th Nov 2014 Brass In Concert 7 5 Erik Janssen
1st Nov 2014 Dutch Nationals (Championship Division) 9 Journey of the Lone Wolf 1 Erik Janssen
3rd May 2014 European Championships 6 Metamorphosis for Brass Band [de Haan] 7 Erik Janssen
7th Dec 2013 Dutch Nationals (Championship Division) 1 Of Distant Memories 5 Erik Janssen
8th Jun 2013 Euro Brass (A-Group) 1 Myth Forest (Hestefalltjønn) 5 Erik Janssen
3rd May 2013 European Championships 5 From Ancient Times 2 Erik Janssen
1st Dec 2012 Dutch Nationals (Championship Division) 1 Electra 1 Erik Janssen
9th Jun 2012 Euro Brass (A-Group) 1 Red Priest Erik Janssen
5th May 2012 European Championships 3 Audivi Media Nocte 5 Erik Janssen
14th Apr 2012 Flemish Open Brass Band Championship (A-Section) 1   Audivi Media Nocte 5 Erik Janssen
3rd Dec 2011 Dutch Nationals (Championship Division) 1 Variety of Skills 4 Erik Janssen
4th Jun 2011 Euro Brass (A-Group) 1 Fanfare in Iubilo Erik Janssen
29th Apr 2011 European Championships 4 Music of the Spheres 10 Erik Janssen
4th Dec 2010 Dutch Nationals (Championship Division) 1 Within Blue Empires Erik Janssen
30th May 2010 All England International Masters 3 An Epic Symphony 20 Erik Janssen
6th Mar 2010 Bondsconcours 1   1 Erik Janssen
28th Nov 2009 Dutch Nationals (Championship Division) 4 Sketches from Nowhere 3 Erik Janssen
13th Jun 2009 Euro Brass (A-Group) 4 Erik Janssen
29th Nov 2008 Dutch Nationals (Championship Division) 2 Concerto Grosso [Bourgeois] Erik Janssen
14th Jun 2008 Euro Brass (A-Group) 6 Erik Janssen
1st Dec 2007 Dutch Nationals (Championship Division) 3 Music for Battle Creek Benny Wiame
16th Jun 2007 Euro Brass (A-Group) 4 Benny Wiame
2nd Dec 2006 Dutch Nationals (Championship Division) 6 Northern Lights Benny Wiame
17th Jun 2006 Euro Brass (A-Group) 1 Benny Wiame
3rd Dec 2005 Dutch Nationals (Championship Division) 2 Earthquake 5 Benny Wiame
4th Dec 2004 Dutch Nationals (Championship Division) 7 Ginnungagap - ...seeming emptiness Alex Schillings
12th Jun 2004 Euro Brass (A-Group) 4 Benny Wiame
6th Dec 2003 Dutch Nationals (Championship Division) 6 Chivalry Benny Wiame
14th Jun 2003 Euro Brass (A-Group) 1 Benny Wiame
7th Dec 2002 Dutch Nationals (Championship Division) 4 Lac Leman Benny Wiame
15th Jun 2002 Euro Brass (A-Group) 3 Benny Wiame
Jun 2002 French Open (Elite Division) 1 Benny Wiame
1st Dec 2001 Dutch Nationals (Championship Division) 3   Albion Anno Appelo
1st Jul 2001 World Music Contest (WMC) (Concert Division) 6 A Tribute to Henk Badings Anno Appelo
May 2001 Survento Brass 3 Erik Janssen
9th Dec 2000 Dutch Nationals (Championship Division) 6 ...Dove Descending 2 Benny Wiame
11th Dec 1999 Dutch Nationals (Championship Division) 2 On Alderley Edge 7 Erik Janssen
12th Dec 1998 Dutch Nationals (Championship Division) 3 Between the Moon and Mexico Erik Janssen
1997 Dutch Nationals (First Division) 1 Leonardo Erik Janssen
30th Nov 1996 Dutch Nationals (First Division) 1 Cross Patonce Erik Janssen
9th Dec 1995 Dutch Nationals (Second Division) 1 Partita for Band - Postcards from Home Erik Janssen
7th Nov 1993 KNFM Bondsconcours (Ere-afdeling) 1 River City Suite 6 Erik Janssen
Years Contest
2011 2012 2013 Euro Brass (A-Group)
2010 2011 2012 2013 Dutch Nationals (Championship Division)

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