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Brass Band Schoonhoven

Also/previously known as: Brass Band Schoonhoven A

Contest Results

Date Contest Position Test Piece Draw Conductor
2nd May 2020 European Championships
17th Nov 2019 Brass In Concert 10 Unknown, do you know?
26th Oct 2019 Dutch Nationals (Championship Division) 1   Vienna Nights 5 Paul Holland
27th Oct 2018 Dutch Nationals (Championship Division) 3 Old Licks Bluesed Up 4 Ivan Meylemans
9th Jun 2018 Dutch Open (Championship Division) 1 Perihelion - Closer to the Sun Ivan Meylemans
28th Oct 2017 Dutch Nationals (Championship Division) 2 Handel in the Band Ivan Meylemans
9th Jul 2017 World Music Contest (WMC) (Concert Division) 6   Ivory Ghosts 1 Ivan Meylemans
29th Apr 2017 European Championships 9 Journey of the Lone Wolf 12 Ivan Meylemans
20th Nov 2016 Brass In Concert 5 6 Ivan Meylemans
22nd Oct 2016 Dutch Nationals (Championship Division) 1 The Triumph of Time 8 Ian Porthouse
18th Jun 2016 Survento Brass (Group A) 1   Ivan Meylemans
16th Apr 2016 Flemish Open Brass Band Championship (A-Section) 2 Behind the Curtain 6 Ian Porthouse
14th Nov 2015 Dutch Nationals (Championship Division) 3 Terra Incognita 7 Ivan Meylemans
13th Jun 2015 Dutch Open (Championship Division) 3 Journey to the Centre of the Earth 1 Guy Audenaert
16th Nov 2014 Brass In Concert 7 5 Erik Janssen
1st Nov 2014 Dutch Nationals (Championship Division) 9 Journey of the Lone Wolf 1 Erik Janssen
3rd May 2014 European Championships 6 Metamorphosis for Brass Band [de Haan] 7 Erik Janssen
7th Dec 2013 Dutch Nationals (Championship Division) 1 Of Distant Memories 5 Erik Janssen
8th Jun 2013 Euro Brass (A-Group) 1 Myth Forest (Hestefalltjønn) 5 Erik Janssen
3rd May 2013 European Championships 5 From Ancient Times 2 Erik Janssen
1st Dec 2012 Dutch Nationals (Championship Division) 1 Electra 1 Erik Janssen
9th Jun 2012 Euro Brass (A-Group) 1 Erik Janssen
5th May 2012 European Championships 3 Audivi Media Nocte 5 Erik Janssen
14th Apr 2012 Flemish Open Brass Band Championship (A-Section) 1   Audivi Media Nocte 5 Erik Janssen
3rd Dec 2011 Dutch Nationals (Championship Division) 1 Variety of Skills 4 Erik Janssen
4th Jun 2011 Euro Brass (A-Group) 1 Fanfare in Iubilo Erik Janssen
29th Apr 2011 European Championships 4 Music of the Spheres 10 Erik Janssen
4th Dec 2010 Dutch Nationals (Championship Division) 1 Within Blue Empires Erik Janssen
30th May 2010 All England International Masters 3 An Epic Symphony 20 Erik Janssen
6th Mar 2010 Bondsconcours 1   1 Erik Janssen
28th Nov 2009 Dutch Nationals (Championship Division) 4 Sketches from Nowhere 3 Erik Janssen
13th Jun 2009 Euro Brass (A-Group) 4 Erik Janssen
29th Nov 2008 Dutch Nationals (Championship Division) 2 Concerto Grosso [Bourgeois] Erik Janssen
14th Jun 2008 Euro Brass (A-Group) 6 Erik Janssen
1st Dec 2007 Dutch Nationals (Championship Division) 3 Music for Battle Creek Benny Wiame
16th Jun 2007 Euro Brass (A-Group) 4 Benny Wiame
2nd Dec 2006 Dutch Nationals (Championship Division) 6 Northern Lights Benny Wiame
17th Jun 2006 Euro Brass (A-Group) 1 Benny Wiame
3rd Dec 2005 Dutch Nationals (Championship Division) 2 Earthquake 5 Benny Wiame
4th Dec 2004 Dutch Nationals (Championship Division) 7 Ginnungagap - ...seeming emptiness Alex Schillings
12th Jun 2004 Euro Brass (A-Group) 4 Benny Wiame
6th Dec 2003 Dutch Nationals (Championship Division) 6 Chivalry Benny Wiame
14th Jun 2003 Euro Brass (A-Group) 1 Benny Wiame
7th Dec 2002 Dutch Nationals (Championship Division) 4 Lac Leman Benny Wiame
15th Jun 2002 Euro Brass (A-Group) 3 Benny Wiame
Jun 2002 French Open (Elite Division) 1 Benny Wiame
1st Dec 2001 Dutch Nationals (Championship Division) 3   Albion Anno Appelo
1st Jul 2001 World Music Contest (WMC) (Concert Division) 6 A Tribute to Henk Badings Anno Appelo
May 2001 Survento Brass 3 Erik Janssen
9th Dec 2000 Dutch Nationals (Championship Division) 6 ...Dove Descending 2 Benny Wiame
11th Dec 1999 Dutch Nationals (Championship Division) 2 On Alderley Edge 7 Erik Janssen
12th Dec 1998 Dutch Nationals (Championship Division) 3 Between the Moon and Mexico Erik Janssen
1997 Dutch Nationals (First Division) 1 Leonardo Erik Janssen
30th Nov 1996 Dutch Nationals (First Division) 1 Cross Patonce Erik Janssen
9th Dec 1995 Dutch Nationals (Second Division) 1 Partita for Band - Postcards from Home Erik Janssen
7th Nov 1993 KNFM Bondsconcours (Ere-afdeling) 1 River City Suite 6 Erik Janssen
Years Contest
2011 2012 2013 Euro Brass (A-Group)
2010 2011 2012 2013 Dutch Nationals (Championship Division)

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