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British Oil and Cake Mills

Also/previously known as: B.O.C.M. (Hull), British O and C Mills, Hull British Oil & Cake Mills

This band no longer exists.
Region:North of England

Contest Results

Date Contest Position Test Piece Draw Conductor
8th Jul 1939 Belle Vue July Contest (Class A) W Owain Glyndwr
1st Jul 1939 Cottingham Contest 5 Recollections of Weber 2 Sam Walmsley
24th Sep 1938 Crystal Palace (Junior Cup - A) 3 Comedy Overture C. S. Moon
23rd Jul 1938 Barton-on-Humber Contest 3 Recollections of Balfe C. S. Moon
16th Jul 1938 Cottingham Contest 1 Sam Walmsley
11th Jun 1938 Leeds Contest (Section Two) Memories of Wagner Unknown, do you know?
25th Sep 1937 Crystal Palace (Junior Cup - B) The Royal Water Music 15 C. S. Moon
12th Jun 1937 Leeds Contest (Section Two) 4 2 C. S. Moon
29th May 1937 Hull Contest (Section A) 1 Recollections of Auber C. S. Moon
8th May 1937 Belle Vue May Contest (Class A) W   A Northern Rhapsody
26th Sep 1936 Crystal Palace (Junior Cup - B) 5 A Northern Rhapsody 29 C. S. Moon
23rd May 1936 Hull Contest (Section A) 1 Recollections of Bellini (arr. Rimmer) C. S. Moon
25th May 1935 Hull Contest (Section A) 3 Recollections of Schumann C. S. Moon
16th Feb 1935 Belle Vue February Contest 1 Gems of Schumann 8 C. S. Moon
2nd Jun 1934 Hull Contest (Section A) 2 A Souvenir of Shakespeare C. S. Moon
22nd May 1926 Scunthorpe Contest Melodious Gems Unknown, do you know?

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