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Brynamman Town

Also/previously known as: Brynaman Town, Brynamman Public

This band no longer exists.

Contest Results

Date Contest Position Test Piece Draw Conductor
22nd May 1926 Llandovery Contest (Class B) 2 The Talisman [Balfe, unknown arranger] H. Rees
16th Jun 1923 Glynneath Contest (Class B) 2 Zaar und Zimmermann T. H. Morgan
22nd May 1920 Llandovery Contest (Class B) 1 Recollections of England T. J. Rees
1st Jun 1914 Llandovery Contest (Class A) Oberon [arr. Round] 1 Herbert Ackroyd
28th Jun 1913 Kidwelly Castle Contest (Class A) Nabucco 2 Herbert Ackroyd
7th Jun 1913 Llandebie Contest Songs of the Sea 2 Herbert Ackroyd
12th May 1913 Llandovery Contest (Class A) 3 Il Trovatore [unknown arranger] 3 Herbert Ackroyd
24th Mar 1913 Carmarthen Contest (Class A) Belisario [arr. Round] 4 Herbert Ackroyd
27th Jan 1912 West Wales BBA Contest (Class A) 2 Schubert [arr. Round] 1 Herbert Ackroyd
4th Nov 1911 Inter-Association Contest (Class A) 3 Lohengrin [arr. Round] 2 Herbert Ackroyd
7th Aug 1911 National Eisteddfod of Wales (Class A) 4 Auber's Works 4 W. Ackroyd
5th Jun 1911 Llandovery Contest (Class A) 2 Auber's Works 1 Herbert Ackroyd
17th Apr 1911 Carmarthen Contest (Class A) Weber [arr. Round] 1 Herbert Ackroyd
5th Nov 1910 Inter-Association Contest (Class A) 5 L'Africaine 2 A. Jones
1st Aug 1910 Llanelly Contest (Class A) 2 L'Africaine 1 T. Valentine
1st Aug 1910 Swansea Contest (Class A) 2 L'Africaine 2 T. Valentine
25th Jun 1910 Newtown Contest Weber's Works 6 T. Valentine
16th May 1910 Llandovery Contest (Class A) 1 Don Carlo 2 T. Valentine
28th Mar 1910 Carmarthen Contest (Class A) 2 Siege of Rochelle [arr. Round] 4 T. Valentine
19th Feb 1910 West Wales BBA Contest (Class A) 1 1 Thomas Valentine
27th Aug 1909 Knighton Contest 5 Verdi's Works [arr. W. Rimmer] Thomas Valentine
4th Aug 1909 Cardigan Contest 2 I Lombardi Thomas Valentine
2nd Aug 1909 West Wales BBA Contest (Class A) 2 Verdi's Works [arr. W. Rimmer] Thomas Valentine
26th Jun 1909 Clydach Contest (Class A) 3 Weber's Works Jim Woodhead
31st May 1909 Llandovery Contest (Class A) I Lombardi Unknown, do you know?
12th Apr 1909 Carmarthen Contest (Class A) 2 Gems of Mozart [arr. W. Rimmer] 2 Jim Woodhead
13th Feb 1909 Brynamman Contest (Class A) 1 Rossini's Works 2 Jim Woodhead
3rd Aug 1908 Brecon Contest (Section A) 3 Verdi's Works [arr. W. Rimmer] 3 Jim Woodhead
25th Jul 1908 West Wales BBA Contest (Class A) 4 4 Jim Woodhead
9th Jun 1908 Llandovery Contest (Class A) Crown Diamonds 5 Jim Woodhead
20th Apr 1908 Carmarthen Contest (Class A) Rossini's Works 4 Jim Woodhead
8th Feb 1908 West Wales BBA Contest (Class A) 2 Rossini's Works 1 Jim Woodhead
24th Aug 1907 Swansea Contest (Class B) 2 Rose of England 4 Jim Woodhead
5th Aug 1907 Glanamman Contest (Class B) 1 Opera Gems 2 Jim Woodhead
29th Jun 1907 West Wales BBA Contest (Class B) 1 Echoes of the Ocean 1 Jim Woodhead
1st Jun 1907 Llandilo Contest (Class B) 2 Opera Gems 2 Jim Woodhead
20th May 1907 Llandovery Contest (Class B) 1 Opera Gems 4 Jim Woodhead
18th Aug 1906 Mumbles Contest (Section A) W Galaxy of Beauties
28th Jul 1906 Llanwrtyd Contest (Class B) 3 Songs of Balfe Unknown, do you know?
5th Jul 1906 Swansea Contest Songs of the Sea 8 N. France
4th Jun 1906 Llandovery Contest (Class B) 2 Cluster of Classics 1 N. France
15th Jul 1905 Mumbles Contest (Section B) 4 The Glee Garland 1 N. France
24th Jun 1905 Alltwen Contest (Class B) 2 Gems of Cambria 2 N. France
12th Jun 1905 Llandovery Contest (Class B) 1 Gems of Cambria 2 N. France
6th Sep 1897 Abertillery Contest 8 Wales T. Evans

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