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Clayton Aniline

Also/previously known as: Clayton (Aniline), Clayton Aniline Works

This band no longer exists.
Region:North West
Years active:1943 - 1956

Contest Results

Date Contest Position Test Piece Draw Conductor
29th Oct 1955 National Championship of Great Britain (Championship Section Final) Blackfriars 15 Edward Buttress
10th Sep 1955 Edinburgh International Contest 3 Sinfonietta for Brass Band [Leidzen] 3 Edward Buttress
3rd Sep 1955 British Open Sinfonietta for Brass Band [Leidzen] 12 Edward Buttress
16th Apr 1955 North West Area (Championship Section) 2 The Severn Suite 6 Edward Buttress
4th Sep 1954 British Open 6 Tournament for Brass 9 Edward Buttress
28th Aug 1954 Edinburgh International Contest 6 Resurgam Edward Buttress
12th Jun 1954 Daily Herald Brighton Open Brass Band Festival (Championship Section) 3 Clive of India Edward Buttress
27th Feb 1954 North West Area (Championship Section) 3 Clive of India 2 Edward Buttress
29th Aug 1953 Edinburgh International Contest 3 Rhapsody in Brass Edward Buttress
21st Mar 1953 North West Area (Championship Section) 4 Rhapsody in Brass 9 Edward Buttress
6th Sep 1952 British Open 6 Scena Sinfonica 8 Edward Buttress
16th Aug 1952 Edinburgh International Contest 1 Resurgam 10 Edward Buttress
22nd Mar 1952 North West Area (Championship Section) Resurgam Edward Buttress
1st Sep 1951 British Open The Conquerors 14 Edward Buttress
16th Jun 1951 Bournemouth Festival of Britain Contest (Championship Section) Edward Buttress
5th May 1951 Rhyl Contest (First Section) 3 Edward Buttress
7th Apr 1951 North West Area (Championship Section) Atlantic [Wright] Edward Buttress
2nd Sep 1950 British Open Resurgam 17 Edward Buttress
19th Aug 1950 Edinburgh International Contest W
22nd Apr 1950 North West Area (Championship Section) Festival Overture [Geehl] 11 Edward Buttress
3rd Sep 1949 British Open Rhapsody in Brass 8 Edward Buttress
4th Aug 1949 Morecambe Contest (Section 1) 3 Edward Buttress
23rd Jul 1949 Morecambe Contest 3 Schubert's Symphony in C [arr. J. A. Greenwood] Edward Buttress
18th Jun 1949 Daily Herald North of England Festival (Championship Section) 1 Edward Buttress
18th Apr 1949 City of Leicester Brass Band Festival (1st Section) Schubert's Symphony in C [arr. J. A. Greenwood] 8 Edward Buttress
2nd Apr 1949 North West Area (Championship Section) Morning Rhapsody Edward Buttress
2nd Oct 1948 National Championship of Great Britain (Second Section Final) 6 Four Preludes Edward Buttress
4th Sep 1948 British Open Music for Brass 7 Edward Buttress
15th May 1948 Rhos Contest 4 Edward Buttress
8th May 1948 Belle Vue May Contest (Class A) Overture for an Epic Occasion Edward Buttress
13th Mar 1948 North West Area (Second Section) 2 Four Preludes Edward Buttress
10th May 1947 Belle Vue May Contest (Class B) Divertimento [Ball] Edward Buttress
5th Apr 1947 Lancashire B.B.Association Contest (Section 2) 3 Echoes of the Opera Edward Buttress
8th Feb 1947 North West Area (Third Section) 4 The Merry Monarch Edward Buttress
23rd Nov 1946 Lancashire B.B.Association Contest 1 Recollections of Mendelssohn Edward Buttress
27th Jul 1946 Alexander Owen Brass Band Festival Songs of England [Bath] 18 Edward Buttress
11th May 1946 Belle Vue May Contest (Class B & C) Thanksgiving Edward Buttress

Whit Friday

Whit Friday results are not included in the statistics and charts above.

Date Contest Position Conductor March
10th Jun 1949 Delph (Whit Friday) 3 Unknown, do you know?
9th Jun 1949 Micklehurst (Whit Friday) Unknown, do you know?

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