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De Bazuin Oenkerk B

Also/previously known as: Brassband De Bazuin-B, Brass Band De Bazuin Oenkerk B, De Bazuin B, De Bazuin 'B', De Bazuin B - Oentsjerk

Contest Results

Date Contest Position Test Piece Draw Conductor
11th Jun 2022 Dutch Open (Second Division) Unknown, do you know?
26th Oct 2019 Dutch Nationals (Second Division) 9 The Patriots 10 Sietse Hamersma
8th Jun 2019 Dutch Open (Second Division) 3 4 Sietse Hamersma
27th Oct 2018 Dutch Nationals (Second Division) 4 Sinfonietta: The Town Beneath the Cliff Sietse Hamersma
9th Jun 2018 Dutch Open (Second Division) 2 2 Sietse Hamersma
28th Oct 2017 Dutch Nationals (Second Division) 8 Frontier Vision Sietse Hamersma
22nd Oct 2016 Dutch Nationals (Second Division) 5 The Raid 6 Sietse Hamersma
17th Apr 2016 Flemish Open Brass Band Championship (C-Section) 1 Light Door 7 Jan Werkman
14th Nov 2015 Dutch Nationals (Second Division) 7 The Saga of Tyrfing 2 Jan Werkman
1st Nov 2014 Dutch Nationals (Second Division) 1 The Son of Light 5 Sietse Hamersma
21st Jun 2014 Survento Brass (Group B) 2 Sietse Hamersma
7th Dec 2013 Dutch Nationals (Second Division) 4 Out of the Storm Clouds Bienze Ijlstra
8th Jun 2013 Euro Brass (B-Group) 3 The Saga of Haakon the Good 2 Bienze Ijlstra
1st Dec 2012 Dutch Nationals (Second Division) 3 Cross Patonce 3 Bienze Ijlstra
9th Jun 2012 Euro Brass (B-Group) 2 Bienze Ijlstra
3rd Dec 2011 Dutch Nationals (Second Division) 5 Fanfares and Love Songs 4 Bienze Ijlstra
4th Jun 2011 Euro Brass (B-Group) 5 Glory Fanfare Bienze Ijlstra
4th Dec 2010 Dutch Nationals (Second Division) 3 Atlantis Bienze Ijlstra
12th Jun 2010 Euro Brass (B-Group) 3 6 Bienze Ijlstra
28th Nov 2009 Dutch Nationals (Second Division) 2 Flashback Bienze Ijlstra
14th Jun 2008 Euro Brass (B-Group) 8 Guus Tomey
16th Jun 2007 Euro Brass (B-Group) 3 Guus Tomey
2nd Dec 2006 Dutch Nationals (Second Division) 4 At the Edge of Time Guus Tomey
2nd Jul 2006 Rastede - Internationale Musiktage (M) 1 Guus Tomey
17th Jun 2006 Euro Brass (B-Group) 3 Guus Tomey
2nd Dec 2005 Dutch Nationals (Third Division) 1 Three Part Invention Guus Tomey
4th Jul 2004 Rastede - Internationale Musiktage (Brass M) 2 Guus Tomey

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