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Dearne Valley Band

Also/previously known as: Dearne Valley Brass, Dearne Valley Brass Band

Website:Unknown, do you know?

Contest Results

Date Contest Position Test Piece Draw Conductor
5th Mar 2011 Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section) W Prelude, Song and Dance
3rd Oct 2010 Bolsover Entertainment Contest (unregistered section) 3 Frank Hoyland
4th Mar 2006 Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section) 12 Anglian Dances 6 Howard Wright
6th Mar 2005 Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section) 10 Divertimento [Kelly] 7 A. Lincoln
7th Mar 2004 Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section) 7 Partita [Gregson] 7 Gary Williams
15th Feb 2004 North East Midlands Contest (Fourth Section) Partita [Gregson] 8 Gary Williams
29th Nov 2003 Butlins Mineworkers (Fourth Section) 5 The Haslemere Suite 2 Gary Williams
6th Jul 2003 Brass and Trams Entertainment Contest (NEMBBA) 4 Gary Williams
2nd Mar 2003 Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section) 3 Lydian Pictures 5 Howard Wright
2nd Feb 2003 North East Midlands Contest (Fourth Section) Lydian Pictures 7 Gary Williams
2nd Mar 2002 Yorkshire Area (Third Section) 12 St. Austell Suite 10 Gary Williams
4th Mar 2001 Yorkshire Area (Third Section) 11 Sinfonietta [Horovitz] 12 Howard Wright
4th Feb 2001 North East Midlands Contest (Third Section) 3 Sinfonietta [Horovitz] 3 Howard Wright
4th Mar 2000 Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section) 3 The Haslemere Suite 4 Howard Wright
6th Feb 2000 North East Midlands Contest (Fourth Section) 2 Howard Wright
28th Feb 1999 Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section) 3 Indian Summer 8 Howard Wright
1st Mar 1998 Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section) 7 Solemn Melody [arr. Gay] 2 Howard Wright
8th Feb 1998 North East Midlands Contest (Fourth Section) 2 Howard Wright
1st Mar 1997 Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section) 7 Pennine Moors 9 Howard Wright
19th May 1996 Wigan Contest (Third Section) W
7th Apr 1996 Pogson Bray (Section B) 3 Howard Wright
16th Mar 1996 Yorkshire Area (Third Section) 11 Divertimento [Kelly] 10 Howard Wright
25th Nov 1995 National Mineworkers (Third Section) Partita for Band - Postcards from Home 8 Howard Wright
21st May 1995 Wigan Contest (Third Section) 12 12 Howard Wright
25th Feb 1995 Yorkshire Area (Third Section) 12 Snowdon Fantasy 5 Howard Wright
19th Nov 1994 National Mineworkers (Third Section) A Saddleworth Festival Overture 13 Howard Wright

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