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Delta Brass Zeeland

Contest Results

Date Contest Position Test Piece Draw Conductor
6th Jul 2013 World Music Contest (WMC) (1st division) 7   Within the Paths of Righteousness 2 Arie Stolk
8th Jun 2013 French Open (March) 4 Arie Stolk
7th Jun 2013 French Open (First Division) 1   Arie Stolk
14th Apr 2012 Flemish Open Brass Band Championship (B-Section) 2   Tallis Variations Arie Stolk
4th Jun 2011 Euro Brass (B-Group) 3   Prisms Luc Vertommen
4th Dec 2010 Dutch Nationals (First Division) 4 Macabre Luc Vertommen
17th Apr 2010 Flemish Open Brass Band Championship (B-Section) 2   Excalibur 3 Luc Vertommen
27th Mar 2010 KNFM Lentefestival (1e divisie) Excalibur Luc Vertommen
28th Nov 2009 Dutch Nationals (First Division) 2 Salute to Youth Luc Vertommen
11th Jul 2009 World Music Contest (WMC) (1st division) 8 The Standing Tower 2 Luc Vertommen
29th Nov 2008 Dutch Nationals (First Division) 3 The Essence of Time 5 Luc Vertommen
1st Nov 2008 KNFM Bondsconcours (1e divisie) 1 A Tribute to Henk Badings Luc Vertommen
12th Apr 2008 Flemish Open Brass Band Championship (B-Section) 2 English Heritage Luc Vertommen
1st Dec 2007 Dutch Nationals (First Division) 3 A Tribute to Henk Badings Luc Vertommen
9th Jun 2007 French Open (Excellence Division) 1 Blackfriars Luc Vertommen
21st Apr 2007 KNFM Lentefestival (1e divisie) 1 A Lowry Sketchbook Luc Vertommen
2nd Dec 2006 Dutch Nationals (First Division) 3 Dances and Arias Luc Vertommen
4th Nov 2006 KNFM Bondsconcours (1e divisie) 1 Sinfonietta for Brass Band - The Wayfarer Luc Vertommen
1st Apr 2006 KNFM Lentefestival (1e divisie) 1 Connotations Luc Vertommen
3rd Dec 2005 Dutch Nationals (First Division) 4 Suite Montreux Albert John Vervorst
9th Jul 2005 World Music Contest (WMC) (1st division) 5   The Forest of Dean Piet Meliefste
28th May 2005 KNFM Bondsconcours (1e divisie) 1 The Forest of Dean Piet Meliefste
4th Dec 2004 Dutch Nationals (First Division) 7 Amsterdam René Passenier
24th May 2003 KNFM Topconcours (Middenklasse) 1 The Bandsman's Challenge Tiny van de Wijdeven
17th Apr 2003 KNFM Bondsconcours (Vaandelafdeling) 1 Royal Parks Tiny van de Wijdeven
7th Dec 2002 Dutch Nationals (Second Division) 7 Feeling Young Tiny van de Wijdeven
25th May 2002 KNFM Bondsconcours (Ere-afdeling) Labour and Love Tiny van de Wijdeven
3rd Nov 2001 KNFM Bondsconcours (Ere-afdeling) A Moorside Suite René Passenier

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