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Glasgow Co-op Bakery

Also/previously known as: Glasgow Bakery, Glasgow Coop Bakery, Glasgow Co-operative, Glasgow Co-operative Bakery Silver, Glasgow Co-operative Baking Society, Glasgow C.W.S, Glasgow W.C.B.S., United Bakery, United Co-op Bakery, United Co-operative, United Co-operative Baking Society

Contest Results

Date Contest Position Test Piece Draw Conductor
11th Oct 1930 Scottish Championship (Championship Section) W Grand Selection: Mendelssohn's Works [arr. Rimmer]
17th Jun 1922 World's Band Championship (Section 2) 4 Unknown, do you know?
3rd Dec 1921 Motherwell Contest 2 Il Giuramento [arr. Round] Unknown, do you know?
22nd Oct 1921 Scottish Championship (Championship Section) 4 Echoes of Meyerbeer [arr. Hawkins] William Halliwell
18th Jun 1921 Glasgow Band Festival (Championship Section) Songs of Scotland Unknown, do you know?
26th Mar 1921 Kelvin Hall Contest 1 Memories of Beethoven [arr. Greenwood] Unknown, do you know?
7th Jun 1919 Prestonpans Contest 3 W. Shaw
May 1919 Baillieston Contest 3 Meyerbeer [arr. Round] 3 W. Shaw
29th Mar 1919 Glasgow Contest W. Shaw
13th Jul 1918 Musselburgh Contest 4 United Kingdom 2 W. Shaw
24th Oct 1914 Scottish Championship (Championship Section) Parsifal Unknown, do you know?
25th Oct 1913 Scottish Championship (Championship Section) 4 Haydn's Works William Heap
31st May 1913 Alloa Contest 2 Tam O'Shanter [Round] 4 Edward Sutton
12th Oct 1912 Scottish Championship (Championship Section) 3 Les Huguenots [unknown arranger] 8 Edward Sutton
25th May 1912 Alloa Contest 4 Unknown, do you know?
4th Nov 1911 Scottish Championship (Championship Section) 3 Liszt William Heap
16th Sep 1911 Scottish Championship (Second Section) 1 Robert il Diavolo [unknown arranger] W. Shaw
9th Sep 1911 Portobello Contest 1 Robert il Diavolo [unknown arranger] Unknown, do you know?
1st Oct 1910 Scottish Championship (Second Section) 2 The Porter of Havre W. Shaw
25th Jun 1910 Kilsyth Contest 1 Unknown, do you know?
21st May 1910 Laurieston Contest 4 Unknown, do you know?
6th Nov 1909 Scottish Championship (Second Section) 3 Melodies of Hibernia W. Shaw
18th Sep 1909 Portobello Contest Rienzi [arr. Rimmer] Unknown, do you know?
12th Jun 1909 Camelon Contest 5 W. Shaw
29th May 1909 Barrhead Contest 4 W. Shaw
7th Nov 1908 Scottish Central Association (First Section) 6 Verdi's Works [arr. W. Rimmer] 3 W. Shaw
19th Sep 1908 Rutherglen Contest 1 I Lombardi 7 W. Shaw
23rd May 1908 Barrhead Contest Unknown, do you know?
30th Nov 1907 Alexandria Contest 3 Les Huguenots [arr. W. Rimmer] 4 W. Shaw
7th Sep 1907 Kilsyth Contest 2 Songs of Robert Tannahill 4 W. Shaw
25th May 1907 Barrhead Contest Unknown, do you know?
11th May 1907 Bellshill Contest (Class 2) 3 W. Shaw
27th Apr 1907 Coatbridge Contest 1 Gems of Song [arr. W. Rimmer] W. Shaw
23rd Feb 1907 Glasgow Contest (Own Choice Section) 3 W. Shaw
23rd Feb 1907 Glasgow Contest 4 Sapho W. Shaw
20th Oct 1906 Paisley Contest (First Section) 5 W. Shaw
6th Oct 1906 Glenboig Contest 1 W. Shaw
30th Jun 1906 Hamilton Contest 5 W. Shaw
9th Jun 1906 Camelon Contest 5 W. Shaw
26th May 1906 Coatbridge Contest (First Class) 2 Souvenir de Meyerbeer [arr. Swift] W. Shaw
12th May 1906 Bellshill Contest (Second Section) 1 W. Shaw
5th May 1906 Rutherglen Contest 1 Carmelite W. Shaw
21st Oct 1905 Paisley Contest (Second Section) 1 W. Shaw
16th Sep 1905 Glasgow Contest 2 Il Trovatore [unknown arranger] W. Shaw
29th Apr 1905 Bellshill Contest 5 Mikado W. Curtis
18th Mar 1905 Glasgow Contest Mikado Unknown, do you know?
3rd Sep 1904 Glasgow Contest 5 La Straniera W. Curtis
21st May 1904 Coatbridge Contest 5 Unknown, do you know?
30th Apr 1904 Bellshill Contest 6 Anna Bolena [arr. Round] 4 W. Curtis
3rd Oct 1903 Scottish Championship (Second Section) Gems of Scotch Melody 11 W. Curtis
27th Jun 1903 Broxburn Contest 5 Beethoven's Works [arr. W. Rimmer] 3 W. Curtis
16th May 1903 Bo'ness Contest (Second Class) Gems of Welsh Melody 3 William Muir

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