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Great Broughton [Cumbria]

Also/previously known as: Broughton Rechabites, Great Broughton

Contest Results

Date Contest Position Test Piece Draw Conductor
6th Sep 1958 Haydon Bridge Contest (Confined Section) Unknown, do you know?
14th Jul 1951 Seaton Contest 1 W. G. Byers
5th Jul 1947 Seaton Contest Songs of England [Round] Unknown, do you know?
21st Jul 1934 Bigrigg Contest 1 Echoes of Spring J. J. Fisher
26th Aug 1933 Dearham Contest D Happy Memories A. High
25th Jul 1898 Whitehaven Waltz Contest Fairest of the Fair Unknown, do you know?
1st Jul 1893 Dearham Contest 1 Fallen Leaves Unknown, do you know?

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