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Gretton Silver Band

Also/previously known as: Gretton Jubilee, Gretton Jubilee Band

This is a non-competing band.

Contest Results

Date Contest Position Test Piece Draw Conductor
29th Oct 1989 Harborough Band Contest (Section B) 2 Cliff Bland
30th Oct 1988 Harborough Band Contest (Section B) 8 Cliff Bland
11th Oct 1987 Harborough Band Contest (Section B) 3 Cliff Bland
10th May 1987 Northants & District (Section C) Lindum Suite 6 C. Bland
12th Oct 1986 Harborough Band Contest Section B 12 Ted Reynolds
23rd Feb 1986 Northants & District (18 players and under) 2 1 G. Sponce
9th Nov 1968 Northants Amateur Brass Band Association (4th Section) W
21st Nov 1964 Northants & District (Second Section - Entertainment) 3 F. Spendlove
29th Mar 1937 Stamford Contest Unknown, do you know?
13th Apr 1936 Stamford Contest Unknown, do you know?
2nd Apr 1934 Stamford Contest 1 Country Life T. Spendlove
22nd Apr 1933 Stamford Contest 2 T. Spendlove
2nd Aug 1932 Gretton Contest 1 A Souvenir of the Opera T. Spendlove
1st Aug 1898 Peterborough Contest 2 La Favorita Randolph Ryan
26th Jul 1894 Peterborough Contest (Local Section) 2 Luisa Miller [arr. Godfrey] 4 Walter Reynolds
26th Jul 1894 Peterborough Contest Luisa Miller [arr. Godfrey] Walter Reynolds
5th Jul 1894 Kirton Contest W
20th Jul 1893 Peterborough Contest (Local Section) 2 Il Giuramento [arr. Round] T. Spendlove
12th Sep 1892 Oakham Contest 3 Maritana [arr. Godfrey] Unknown, do you know?
3rd Sep 1892 Burton Latimer Contest W Marino Faliero [arr. Round]
6th Jul 1892 Stanion Contest W Il Giuramento [arr. Round]
5th Sep 1891 Burton Latimer Contest W The Bohemian Girl [unknown arranger]
2nd Jul 1889 Stanion Contest Maritana [unknown arranger] 4 T. Spendlove

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