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Halleluja Menaldum

Also/previously known as: Hallelujah Menaldum, Halleluja Menaam, Halleluja-Menaldum

Contest Results

Date Contest Position Test Piece Draw Conductor
25th Oct 2019 Dutch Nationals (Third Division) 8 A Buoy 5 Ido Gerard Kempenaar
26th Oct 2018 Dutch Nationals (Fourth Division) 1 Second Suite in F Ido Gerard Kempenaar
13th Nov 2015 Dutch Nationals (Fourth Division) 2 Beecher Variations Ido Gerard Kempenaar
11th Apr 2015 Gouden Spiker Festival (Third Division) Olympus Unknown, do you know?
31st Oct 2014 Dutch Nationals (Fourth Division) 2 Legenda Rumantscha 4 Ido Gerard Kempenaar
15th Jun 2013 Survento Brass W
30th Nov 2012 Dutch Nationals (Fourth Division) 1 Parnassus 4 Ido Gerard Kempenaar
3rd Dec 2010 Dutch Nationals (Fourth Division) 3 La Viuda Negra Ido Gerard Kempenaar
12th Jun 2010 Euro Brass (C-Group) 5 2 Ido Gerard Kempenaar
2009 Gouden Spiker Festival (Fourth Division) 3 Cityscapes [de Haan] Ido Gerard Kempenaar
3rd Dec 2005 Dutch Nationals (Fourth Division) 10 Gatse Hylkema

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