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Hawes Silver

Also/previously known as: Hawes Prize Silver

This is a non-competing band.
Website:Unknown, do you know?
Region:North of England

Contest Results

Date Contest Position Test Piece Draw Conductor
7th Sep 2003 Hardraw Scar Unknown, do you know?
25th Jun 2000 Hardraw Scar Unknown, do you know?
13th Sep 1998 Hardraw Scar Unknown, do you know?
7th Sep 1997 Hardraw Scar Pride of the Forest 3 Stan Roocroft
8th Sep 1996 Hardraw Scar 4 Stan Roocroft
10th Sep 1995 Hardraw Scar 11 Stan Roocroft
11th Sep 1994 Hardraw Scar 7 Stan Roocroft
6th Sep 1992 Hardraw Scar 18 14 Stan Roocroft
8th Sep 1991 Hardraw Scar 18 6 Stan Roocroft
10th Sep 1989 Hardraw Scar 18 1 Walter Fox
8th May 1983 Hardraw Scar 2 11 R. W. Fox
9th May 1982 Hardraw Scar 4 Unknown, do you know?
10th May 1981 Hardraw Scar 6 Unknown, do you know?
11th May 1980 Hardraw Scar 5 R. W. Fox
6th May 1979 Hardraw Scar 4 Walter Fox
14th May 1978 Hardraw Scar 3 1 Walter Fox
8th May 1977 Hardraw Scar 2 Walter Fox
2nd May 1976 Hardraw Scar 11 2 Walter Fox
18th Sep 1929 Swaledale Contest 1 J. Lomas
27th Jun 1925 Hawes Contest 2 The Dawn of Spring J. H. Lomax
21st Jun 1924 Hardraw Scar 2 Comrades in Arms J. H. Lomax

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