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Also/previously known as: Hindley British Legion, Hindley Prize, Hindley Subscription, Hindley Subs Prize

Contest Results

Date Contest Position Test Piece Draw Conductor
3rd Dec 1989 Tyldesley Contest (Section B) 8 G. Walsh
17th Apr 1981 Pontins Southport (Fourth Section) Doon Valley Brian Tollitt
21st Sep 1980 Skelmersdale Contest (Section B) Three Inventions 18 Trevor Halliwell
30th Mar 1980 North West Area (Fourth Section) Overture to Youth 28 Trevor Halliwell
24th Feb 1980 Chorley Arts Entertainment Contest Trevor Halliwell
3rd Feb 1980 Wigan Contest (C Section) The Princess and the Poet 4 Trevor Halliwell
23rd Sep 1979 Skelmersdale Contest (Section B) Snowdon Fantasy 4 Trevor Halliwell
7th May 1978 Spring Festival (Junior Cup) W
24th Mar 1978 Pontins Prestatyn (Fourth Section) 15 Three Days Kevin Mole
30th Oct 1977 NWABBA Preston District Contest (Section C) 1 J. Clowe
22nd May 1977 Spring Festival (Junior Cup) A Holiday Suite 17 Norman Walmsley
1st May 1977 Buxton Festival (Section C) 5 A Holiday Suite 5 Norman Walmsley
8th Apr 1977 Pontins Southport (Fourth Section) Four Little Maids 13 Norman Walmsley
3rd Apr 1977 North West Area (Fourth Section) Hungarian Fantasy 3 Norman Walmsley
6th Mar 1977 Oldham Contest (Section B) 10 4 Norman Walmsley
13th Feb 1977 NWABBA Contest (Fourth Section) 5 First Suite in Eb [arr. Herbert] 12 Norman Walmsley
5th Dec 1976 Tyldesley Contest (Section A) 9 7 Norman Walmsley
5th Dec 1976 Tyldesley Contest (Section B) 10 4 Norman Walmsley
31st Oct 1976 NWABBA Preston District Contest (Section C) 2 A Czech Fantasy 1 H. Boulton
9th May 1976 Spring Festival (Junior Cup) 4 The Young in Heart 18 Norman Walmsley
17th Apr 1976 Pontins Southport (Fourth Section) Indian Summer Norman Walmsley
15th Feb 1976 NWABBA Contest (Fourth Section) Voices of Youth 10 Norman Walmsley
1st Feb 1976 Rochdale Contest (Section B) 14 Norman Walmsley
7th Dec 1975 Tyldesley Contest (Section B) 3 Norman Walmsley
10th May 1975 Spring Festival (Junior Cup) Rhapsody on Negro Spirituals 2 R. Peacock
29th Mar 1975 Pontins (Fourth Section) 7 Indian Summer 10 R. Peacock
3rd Nov 1974 Tyldesley Contest (Section B) R. Peacock
20th Oct 1974 Skelmersdale Contest (Section B) From the New World [arr. Rimmer] 5 R. Peacock
4th May 1974 Spring Festival (Junior Cup) Everybody's Child 2 R. Peacock
20th Apr 1974 Pontins (Fourth Section) 2 R. Peacock
28th Oct 1973 Skelmersdale Contest (Section B) 5 R. Peacock
5th Aug 1973 Morecambe Entertainment Contest Semi Final 3 R. Peacock
5th May 1973 Spring Festival (Junior Trophy) Lindum Suite 9 R. Peacock
19th Nov 1972 Wigan Contest (B Section) 2 The Gay Delavals 8 R. Peacock
5th Nov 1972 Tyldesley Contest (Section B) Little Suite for Brass [Arnold] 2 R. Peacock
22nd Oct 1972 Skelmersdale Contest (Section B) 2 W. Holcroft
6th May 1972 Spring Festival (Junior Trophy) 4 The Rising Generation 13 R. Peacock
9th Apr 1972 NWABBA Contest (Fourth Section) 14 Granville Jennings
26th Mar 1972 North West Area (Fourth Section) The Rising Generation 2 Granville Jennings
12th Mar 1972 Radio Merseyside Entertainment Contest (Section B) 3 Unknown, do you know?
21st Nov 1971 Tyldesley Contest (Section B) 4 8 Granville Jennings
7th Nov 1971 Wigan Contest (B Section) 4 English Folk Song Suite 3 Granville Jennings
24th Oct 1971 Skelmersdale Contest (Section B) English Folk Song Suite 5 Granville Jennings
8th May 1971 Spring Festival (Junior Trophy) 4 A Rural Suite 17 Granville Jennings
25th Apr 1971 Blackpool Contest (C Section) 15 Unknown, do you know?
18th Apr 1971 North West Area (Fourth Section) The Ancient Temple 11 Granville Jennings
6th Dec 1970 Wills Regional Championships - Preston (Fourth Section) Fancy Free Granville Jennings
12th Nov 1966 Leigh Contest Romeo and Juliet [unknown composer, unknown arranger] 11 Fred Whittle
27th Feb 1966 Bolton,Wigan and St Helens Contest (Section B) The Barber of Seville - selection 1 Fred Whittle
13th Nov 1965 Leigh Contest Moses in Egypt (arr. J. A. Greenwood) 4 Unknown, do you know?
24th Nov 1962 Wigan Contest Recollections of Verdi 19 Fred Whittle
6th Oct 1962 Leigh Contest 4 The Barber of Seville - selection 1 Fred Whittle
9th Dec 1961 Leigh Contest The Barber of Seville - selection 3 Fred Whittle
19th Nov 1960 Wigan Contest 5 Fred Whittle
29th Oct 1960 Leigh Contest Call of the Sea 6 Fred Whittle
8th Feb 1959 Darwen Contest Recollections of Mendelssohn 5 Fred Whittle
22nd Nov 1958 Wigan Contest Recollections of Mendelssohn 22 Fred Whittle
21st May 1948 Whit Friday Radcliffe 6 Fred Whittle
30th May 1947 Whit Friday Radcliffe 7 Fred Whittle
5th Jun 1936 Whit Friday Radcliffe 9 Fred Whittle
9th May 1936 Belle Vue May Contest (Class D) O'er Hill and Dale 20 Fred Whittle
14th Sep 1935 Wigan Contest 4 P. Turton
15th Sep 1934 Wigan Contest Echoes of Spring Unknown, do you know?
1st Sep 1934 Standish Contest Echoes of Spring Unknown, do you know?
25th Aug 1934 Westhoughton Contest 4 Echoes of Spring W. Adamson
28th Oct 1933 Atherton Contest Happy Memories Unknown, do you know?
26th Aug 1933 Standish Contest Happy Memories Unknown, do you know?
17th Sep 1932 Standish Contest Unknown, do you know?
30th Mar 1929 Westhoughton Contest A Souvenir of the Opera Unknown, do you know?
19th Sep 1925 Abbey Lakes Contest Echoes of the Opera Unknown, do you know?
21st Sep 1912 Atherton Contest Songs of Old England 9 J. Whittle
17th Sep 1904 Leigh Contest Perdita Quadrilles 23 J. Whittle
13th Aug 1904 Platt Bridge Contest 9 Perdita Quadrilles 2 J. Whittle
23rd Aug 1902 Westhoughton Contest Songs of Other Days 5 Peter Fairhurst
16th Aug 1902 Lower Broughton Contest Songs of Other Days 12 Peter Fairhurst

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Was originally Bridge Croft band.

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