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Kilmarnock Area Schools Band

Also/previously known as: Kilmarnock Schools

Contest Results

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Date Contest Position Test Piece Draw Conductor
1st Mar 1986 Scottish Championship (Youth Section) 3 Voices of Youth 7 Andrew Keachie
2nd Mar 1985 Scottish Championship (Youth Section) 1 English Folk Song Suite Andrew Keachie
3rd Mar 1984 Scottish Championship (Youth Section) 1 Partita [Kelly] Andrew Keachie
2nd Oct 1982 Butlins National Youth Brass Band Championships 1 Sinfonietta [Horovitz] 3 Andrew Keachie
3rd Oct 1981 Butlins National Youth Brass Band Championships 1 The Margam Stones Andrew Keachie
4th Oct 1980 Butlins National Youth Brass Band Championships 1 A Circus Suite Andrew Keachie
8th Mar 1980 Scottish Championship (Youth Section) 1 Caesar and Cleopatra Andrew Keachie
6th Oct 1979 Butlins National Youth Brass Band Championships 5 Three Brass Band Studies Andrew Keachie
10th Mar 1979 Scottish Championship (Youth Section) 1 Edinburgh Dances Andrew Keachie
7th Oct 1978 Butlins National Youth Brass Band Championships 3 Metropolis 5 Andrew Keachie
11th Mar 1978 Scottish Championship (Youth Section) 1 Strand on the Green 3 Andrew Keachie
5th Mar 1977 Scottish Championship (Youth Section) 2 Concert Prelude [Sparke] Andrew Keachie
13th Mar 1976 Scottish Championship (Youth Section) 2 Little Suite for Brass Band No. 2 Andrew Keachie

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