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Kilsyth Public

Also/previously known as: Kilsyth Burgh

Contest Results

Date Contest Position Test Piece Draw Conductor
2nd Oct 1937 Scottish Championship (Second Section) 5 La Regina di Golconda Edward Sutton
7th Oct 1933 Scottish Championship (Second Section) The Mock Doctor Unknown, do you know?
8th Oct 1932 Scottish Championship (Second Section) I Capuleti [unknown arranger] Unknown, do you know?
28th May 1932 Glasgow Charities Contest Unknown, do you know?
23rd Apr 1932 Edinburgh Charities Contest Unknown, do you know?
7th Nov 1931 Scottish Championship (Third Section) 2 Il Bravo [arr. Godfrey] Edward Sutton
20th Jun 1931 Lesmahagow Contest 5 Edward Sutton
16th May 1931 Glasgow Charities Contest 5 Edward Sutton
18th Apr 1931 Edinburgh Charities Contest 9 Edward Sutton
9th Nov 1929 Scottish Championship (Third Section) The Marriage of Figaro - selection Unknown, do you know?
1st Jun 1929 Shotts Contest 4 Herbert Bennett
10th Nov 1928 Scottish Championship (Third Section) Der Freischütz [unknown arranger] Unknown, do you know?
22nd Oct 1927 Scottish Championship (Third Section) 3 L'Ebreo [arr. Godfrey] Herbert Bennett
27th Aug 1927 Bonnybridge Contest 5 Poetic Fancies Herbert Bennett
25th Dec 1926 Stirling Contest 3 W. Shaw
23rd Oct 1926 Scottish Championship (Third Section) 3 Fra Diavolo [unknown arranger] W. Shaw
18th Sep 1926 Falkirk and District Contest 2 W. Shaw
24th Oct 1925 Scottish Championship (Third Section) Highland Memories 1 W. Shaw
5th Sep 1925 Polmont Contest 1 W. Shaw
6th Dec 1924 Scottish Championship (Second Section) Tchaikovsky's Works [arr. Reynolds] Unknown, do you know?
18th Oct 1924 Scottish Championship (Third Section) 3 Lurline [unknown arranger] W. Shaw
4th Nov 1922 Scottish Championship (Third Section) Don Giovanni [arr. Hawkins] Unknown, do you know?
11th Dec 1920 Scottish Championship (Second Section) Faust [Gounod arr. Hawkins] Unknown, do you know?
14th Aug 1920 Leven Contest (1st Section) 3 Unknown, do you know?
3rd Jul 1920 Kilsyth Contest 3 W. Shaw
22nd May 1920 Laurieston Contest 4 W. Shaw
20th Dec 1919 Scottish Championship (Second Section) 5 La Gazza Ladra [arr. Godfrey] Unknown, do you know?
30th May 1914 Falkirk Contest 2 Memories of Britain 1 Unknown, do you know?
16th May 1914 Laurieston Contest Memories of Britain 2 Unknown, do you know?
1914 Scottish Championship (Third Section) 4 Love and Laughter W. Shaw
10th Aug 1912 Laurieston Contest 5 Unknown, do you know?
25th Jun 1910 Kilsyth Contest 5 Unknown, do you know?
13th Nov 1909 Glasgow Contest (First Section) Weber's Works Unknown, do you know?
11th Sep 1909 Clydebank Contest 1 Don Carlo W. Shaw
12th Jun 1909 Chryston Contest 3 W. Shaw
7th Nov 1908 Scottish Central Association (First Section) 2 Verdi's Works [arr. W. Rimmer] 4 W. Shaw
19th Sep 1908 Rutherglen Contest 2 I Lombardi 2 W. Shaw
14th Dec 1907 Falkirk Contest 2 Gathering of the Clans W. Shaw
5th Oct 1907 Govan Contest 1 Old Memories 2 W. Shaw
7th Sep 1907 Kilsyth Contest 5 Songs of Robert Tannahill 7 W. Shaw
8th Jun 1907 Chryston Contest 2 Unknown, do you know?
11th May 1907 Bellshill Contest (Class 3) 2 W. Shaw
23rd Mar 1907 Govan Contest 3 W. Shaw
15th Sep 1906 Motherwell Contest 3 Siege of Rochelle (arr. Sutton) 10 W. Shaw
26th May 1906 Coatbridge Contest (Third Class) Unknown, do you know?
16th Oct 1897 Scottish Championship (Second Section) 7 Zampa [unknown arranger] Richard Marsden
17th Oct 1896 Scottish Championship (Second Section) 8 Macbeth [Locke arr. Round] 11 C. Woodcock
19th Oct 1895 Scottish Championship (Second Section) 8 Lucrezia Borgia [unknown arranger] C. Woodcock
26th Oct 1888 Glasgow International Exhibition contest (Scottish Section) 11 James Stirling

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