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Lower Ince Temperance

This band no longer exists.
Region:North West
Years active:1894 -

Contest Results

Date Contest Position Test Piece Draw Conductor
1st Oct 1967 Golborne Contest (Section C) 2 7 Unknown, do you know?
12th Nov 1966 Leigh Contest Les Preludes [arr. Rimmer] 12 Bill Woods
5th Nov 1966 Wigan Contest 1 3 Brian Marwood
13th Nov 1965 Leigh Contest Moses in Egypt (arr. J. A. Greenwood) 11 Bill Woods
3rd Oct 1965 Southport Entertainment Contest (Section A) 1 Unknown, do you know?
26th Sep 1965 Golborne Contest (Section C) 1 From the New World [arr. Rimmer] 9 Unknown, do you know?
15th May 1965 Senior Trophy Overture: Rule Britannia Bill Woods
24th Apr 1965 Blackpool Contest (B Section) 3 Unknown, do you know?
10th Apr 1965 North West Area (Third Section) Brass Triptych: Old Westminster Unknown, do you know?
28th Feb 1965 Darwen Contest (Section B) 1 Unknown, do you know?
18th Apr 1964 North West Area (Fourth Section) 4 A Rural Suite 6 Bill Woods
9th Feb 1964 Rochdale Contest (Section B) 3 Unknown, do you know?
15th Dec 1963 NWABBA Contest (Fourth Section) 2 Unknown, do you know?
30th Nov 1963 Bury Contest Rigoletto [unknown arranger] Unknown, do you know?
23rd Nov 1963 Wigan Contest Rigoletto [arr. Round] 8 Leslie Naylor
20th Apr 1963 North West Area (Fourth Section) Four Little Maids Bill Woods
24th Nov 1962 Wigan Contest 2 Recollections of Verdi 9 Bill Woods
3rd Mar 1962 North West Area (Fourth Section) Contest Day 2 Bill Woods
4th Nov 1961 Wigan Contest Recollections of Rossini 3 Bill Woods
14th Oct 1961 Bury Contest Recollections of Rossini 12 Bill Woods
19th Nov 1960 Wigan Contest 23 Bill Woods
8th Oct 1960 Bury Contest Recollections of Balfe 4 Bill Woods
28th Feb 1960 Darwen Contest English Folk Song Suite Unknown, do you know?
21st Nov 1959 Wigan Contest English Folk Song Suite 17 T. Morgan
8th Feb 1959 Darwen Contest Recollections of Mendelssohn 2 J. Farrimond
2nd Feb 1958 Darwen Contest A Garland of Classics 18 J. Farrimond
7th Dec 1957 Wigan Contest A Garland of Classics 4 J. Farrimond
24th Nov 1956 Wigan Contest Recollections of Meyerbeer [arr. Greenwood] 19 J. Farrimond
14th Sep 1935 Wigan Contest 11 Richard Hooper
15th Sep 1934 Wigan Contest Echoes of Spring Unknown, do you know?
6th May 1933 Belle Vue May Contest (Class C Group 1) Gems of Harmony Richard Hooper
18th May 1929 Wigan Contest A Souvenir of the Opera Unknown, do you know?
5th May 1923 Belle Vue May Contest Don Giovanni [arranged Godfrey] Unknown, do you know?
21st Sep 1912 Atherton Contest 6 Songs of Old England 2 T. Allsop
7th Sep 1912 Wigan Contest 1 2 T. Allsop
23rd Sep 1911 Manchester (White City) Contest 4 La Traviata [unknown arranger] 1 T. Allsop
2nd Sep 1911 New Brighton Contest Land of the Shamrock 2 T. Allsop
17th Apr 1911 Southport Contest 2 Land of the Shamrock 7 T. Allsop
27th Aug 1910 Westhoughton Contest 1 Light and Shade 5 T. Allsop
7th May 1910 Abbey Lakes Contest Esmeralda 7 T. Allsop
26th Mar 1910 Westhoughton Contest Esmeralda 15 T. Allsop
9th Oct 1909 Wigan Contest 1 Unknown, do you know?
1st May 1909 Abbey Lakes Contest Andromeda Unknown, do you know?
24th Aug 1907 Workington Contest Il Trovatore - Fantasia [arr. Round] 2 T. Allsop
26th Aug 1905 Southport Contest 5 Rob Roy 5 William Rimmer
5th Aug 1905 Tyldesley Contest 6 Leonora 6 T. Allsop
17th Sep 1904 Leigh Contest Perdita Quadrilles 12 William Rimmer
3rd Sep 1904 Walkden Contest 1 Perdita Quadrilles 13 T. Allsop
20th Aug 1904 Kirkcaldy Contest 6 Anna Bolena [arr. Round] 5 William Rimmer
29th Aug 1903 Westhoughton Contest 5 Casket of Gems 11 William Rimmer
16th May 1903 Standish Contest 6 Casket of Gems 13 William Rimmer
13th Apr 1903 Wigan Contest Casket of Gems 5 T. Allsop
31st Aug 1901 Seaforth Contest Gems of Evergreen Melody 17 T. Allsop
10th Aug 1901 Rochdale Contest 5 Belisario [arr. Round] 5 William Rimmer
1st Jun 1901 Southport Contest Belisario [arr. Round] 1 William Rimmer
11th May 1901 Southport Contest 3 Woodland Whispers 15 William Rimmer
6th Apr 1901 Compstall Contest 2 Belisario [arr. Round] 14 William Rimmer
25th Aug 1900 Bootle Contest 5 Songs of England [Round] 14 William Rimmer
9th Jun 1900 Southport Contest Oberon [arr. Round] 8 T. Allsop
13th May 1899 Bamber Bridge Contest Sunny Spain 6 T. Allsop
3rd Apr 1899 St. Helens Contest Sunny Spain 6 Fred Durham
1st Apr 1899 Compstall Contest Lucia di Lammermoor - Selection [arr. Round] Unknown, do you know?
16th Jul 1898 Leyland Contest Bed of Roses 11 T. Allsop
4th Jun 1898 Southport Contest La Favorita [arr. Round] 3 T. Allsop
14th May 1898 Bamber Bridge Contest Bed of Roses 4 T. Allsop
7th May 1898 Blackpool Contest Bed of Roses 9 T. Allsop
30th Apr 1898 Parr (St Helens) Contest Bed of Roses 4 T. Allsop
9th Apr 1898 Horwich Contest 2 Bed of Roses 12 T. Allsop
11th Sep 1897 Lees Contest Smiles and Tears 2 Fred Durham
21st Aug 1897 Parr (St Helens) Contest Smiles and Tears 9 T. Allsop
24th Jul 1897 Accrington Contest 4 Smiles and Tears 5 Fred Durham
3rd Jul 1897 Levenshulme Contest 3 Smiles and Tears Fred Durham
12th Jun 1897 Brinscall Contest 2 Smiles and Tears 4 Fred Durham
29th May 1897 Horwich Contest 6 Smiles and Tears 12 Fred Durham

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