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March Brass 2000

Also/previously known as: March (G.E.R.), March G.E.R, March Railway Band

Contest Results

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Date Contest Position Test Piece Draw Conductor
26th Nov 1978 Cambridgeshire Championships (Open Section) 3 G. Elsegood
4th Nov 1973 Watford (Second Section) 1 Glyn Lewis
18th Mar 1973 London and Southern Counties (Second Section) The White Company Glyn Lewis
10th Sep 1972 Leamington Spa Contest (Open Section) 4 Labour and Love 2 Glyn Lewis
3rd Apr 1972 East Anglian BBA Championship Class 2 Unknown, do you know?
12th Sep 1971 Leamington Spa (Warwick District Council) Contest (2nd Section) 2 Suite Gothique 2 Glyn Lewis
12th Apr 1971 East Anglian BBA Class A 1 Rufford Abbey William Grogan
14th Jun 1970 Cleethorpes Brass Band Festival (Open Section) 10 P. G. Barnett
15th Apr 1963 East Anglian BBA Spring Festival (Championship Class) 3 George Lloyd
23rd Apr 1962 East Anglian BBA Spring Festival (Championship Class) 3 George Lloyd
18th Apr 1960 East Anglian BBA Championship Class 3 George Lloyd
30th Mar 1959 East Anglian BBA Class A 1 Divertimento [Ball] George Lloyd
14th Apr 1952 East Anglian BBA Class A 1 Rhapsody on Negro Spirituals C. Mott
26th Mar 1951 East Anglian BBA Class A 3 A. E. Steel
29th May 1950 Littleport Contest (Class A) 2 L. Cox
26th Apr 1947 London and Southern Counties (Fourth Section) Divertimento [Ball] Unknown, do you know?
10th Jul 1937 Spalding Contest 4 Joan of Arc [Wright] Unknown, do you know?
26th Sep 1936 Crystal Palace (Junior Shield - A) W Gems of Tchaikovsky [arr. Johnstone]
10th Sep 1936 Spalding Contest 1 Echoes of the Opera A. E. Steel
28th Sep 1935 Crystal Palace (Junior Shield - B) 5 Die Feen 4 A. E. Steel
5th Sep 1935 Spalding Contest 1 A Village Pastoral Unknown, do you know?
9th Sep 1933 Butlins Holiday Camp Contest (Third Section) Unknown, do you know?
26th Sep 1931 Crystal Palace (Junior Shield - C) A Village Pastoral Albert Grant
24th Sep 1927 Crystal Palace (Junior Cup - B) Overture: Anna Bolena 23 Fred Dimmock
27th Aug 1927 King's Lynn Contest 3 A Garland of Classics Fred Dimmock
26th Sep 1925 Crystal Palace (Junior Shield - A) Faust [Berlioz, unknown arranger] R. Hutchinson
28th Feb 1925 City of Leicester Brass Band Festival (Second Section) Euryanthe [unknown arranger] Unknown, do you know?
27th Sep 1924 Crystal Palace (Junior Shield - A) 3 Labour and Love 25 R. Hutchinson
21st Aug 1924 Cambridge Contest 4 R. Hutchinson
23rd Sep 1922 Crystal Palace (Junior Shield - B) Classic Gems No 2 18 F. Worth
24th Sep 1921 Crystal Palace (Junior Shield) 10 Gems of Harmony 15 J. Partington
25th Sep 1920 Crystal Palace (Junior Shield) Il Trovatore [unknown arranger] J. Partington
24th Jul 1912 Manea Contest 3 Bouquet of Ballads 4 Unknown, do you know?
1st Oct 1910 Crystal Palace (Consolation Cup) Under Sunny Skies C. Steel
17th Jul 1909 Peterborough Contest 3 The Amber Witch [arr. W. Rimmer] C. Steel
6th Aug 1906 Wisbech Contest Joan of Arc [Round] 4 Unknown, do you know?
18th Jul 1906 Terrington Contest 3 Joan of Arc [Round] 3 C. Steel
14th Jul 1903 March (Cambridgeshire) Contest 2 Maritana [arr. Round] 1 J. E. Fidler
4th Jun 1894 Holbeach Contest Unknown, do you know?

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we got further Info (no Details):
The Band also competed at the regionals in Watford 1968 playing Fowey River Suite by Eric Ball, 3rd section & 1969 playing Land of Song by Ian Parrot,
they were conducted for those two contests by William Adams.

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