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Middlewich Centenary Band

Also/previously known as: Middlewich Centenary Silver, Middlewich Temperance

This band no longer exists.
Region:North West

Contest Results

Date Contest Position Test Piece Draw Conductor
22nd May 1977 Granada Band of the Year - Senior Trophy Suite variable 4 Colin Cranson
17th Apr 1976 Pontins Southport (Fourth Section) Indian Summer Colin Cranson
5th Oct 1974 National Championship of Great Britain (Fourth Section Final) Youth Salutes a Master Marcus Cutts
15th May 1965 Spring Festival (Junior Shield) The Princess and the Poet R. Knott
10th Apr 1965 North West Area (Third Section) Brass Triptych: Old Westminster R. Knott
31st May 1964 Buxton Festival (Section C) A Rural Suite 10 R. Knott
18th Apr 1964 North West Area (Fourth Section) A Rural Suite 18 R. Knott
25th May 1963 Spring Festival (Junior Shield) Indian Summer 2 R. Knott
20th Apr 1963 North West Area (Fourth Section) Four Little Maids R. Knott
28th May 1960 Spring Festival (Junior Shield) Neapolitan Suite 17 R. Knott
9th Apr 1960 North West Area (Fourth Section) The Princess and the Poet R. Knott
9th May 1959 Spring Festival (Junior Trophy) 1 In Switzerland R. Knott
30th Mar 1957 North West Area (Second Section) Land of the Ever Young 9 R. Knott
16th Apr 1955 North West Area (Second Section) Thames Valley Suite Albert Statham
13th Feb 1954 North West Area (Second Section) Call of the Sea 7 Albert Statham
11th Apr 1953 North West Area (Third Section) A Holiday Suite 6 Albert Statham
20th Sep 1952 National Championship of Great Britain (Third Section Final) 4 Rufford Abbey 3 Albert Statham
29th Mar 1952 North West Area (Third Section) 1 Rufford Abbey 2 Albert Statham
22nd Sep 1951 National Championship of Great Britain (Fourth Section Final) 3 The Call of Youth 5 Albert Statham
7th Apr 1951 North West Area (Fourth Section) 1 The Call of Youth 14 Albert Statham
22nd Apr 1950 North West Area (Fourth Section) 4 May Day 14 Albert Statham
18th Jun 1949 Alsager Contest 1 W. Lawton
2nd Apr 1949 North West Area (Fourth Section) Pride of the Forest Unknown, do you know?
10th Apr 1948 North West Area (Fourth Section) Three Songs without Words Unknown, do you know?
30th Aug 1947 West Bromwich Contest (Section 2) 4 May Day James Thorpe
10th May 1947 Belle Vue May Contest (Class B) 4 Divertimento [Ball] James Thorpe
17th Aug 1946 Stoke-on-Trent Contest Songs of England (Bath) W. Powell
11th May 1946 Belle Vue May Contest (Class B & C) 3 Thanksgiving James Thorpe
5th May 1945 Belle Vue May Contest (Class D) 2 A Souvenir of Shakespeare W. Powell
24th Sep 1938 Crystal Palace (Junior Shield - A (1)) Carmen No 2 William Brady
13th Nov 1937 Dawson (Warrington) Contest The Call of Youth 1 William Brady
23rd Oct 1937 Stalybridge Contest The Call of Youth Unknown, do you know?
25th Sep 1937 Crystal Palace (Junior Shield - A) 5 The Royal Water Music 4 William Brady
24th Jul 1937 Hazel Grove Contest 2 The Call of Youth William Brady
8th May 1937 Belle Vue May Contest (Class B) Operatic Bouquet No. 1 5 William Brady
26th Sep 1936 Crystal Palace (Junior Shield - A) Gems of Tchaikovsky [arr. Johnstone] 16 William Brady
15th Aug 1936 Winsford Contest 2 March: Impregnable Unknown, do you know?
1st Aug 1936 Hazel Grove Contest 2 O'er Hill and Dale Unknown, do you know?
9th May 1936 Belle Vue May Contest (Class A) Die Feen 24 William Brady
28th Sep 1935 Crystal Palace (Junior Shield - B) 2 Die Feen 20 William Brady
4th May 1935 Belle Vue May Contest (Class C) 4 Gems of Old England William Brady
6th May 1933 Belle Vue May Contest (Class B Group 2) Gems of Italian Opera 1 William Brady
16th Aug 1924 Winsford Contest 2 William Brady
21st Aug 1915 Winsford Contest 3 Our Fallen Heroes 1 A. Brady
22nd Aug 1914 Sandbach Contest Sons of the Sea 4 William Brady
9th May 1914 Middlewich Contest 5 Will o' the Wisp 1 William Brady
10th May 1913 Middlewich Contest 2 Gems of the Old Days 2 John Hopkinson
24th Aug 1912 Winsford Infirmary Contest 6 8 W. Powell
5th Aug 1912 Lymm Contest 4 Songs of Old England 4 W. Powell
29th Jun 1912 Middlewich Contest 3 Songs of Old England 1 Unknown, do you know?
22nd Nov 1911 Middlewich Contest 2 J. J. Brady
10th Sep 1910 Frodsham Contest 1 Robin Hood [MacFarren arr. Godfrey] 13 J. J. Brady
13th Aug 1910 Haslington Contest 3 Unknown, do you know?
9th Jul 1910 Belle Vue July Contest (Class B) A Souvenir of Sir Henry Bishop 12 J. J. Brady
21st Sep 1907 Sandbach Contest 1 Daughter of the Regiment [arr. Greenwood] 6 J. J. Brady
2nd Jul 1904 Northwich Contest Recollections of Flotow 10 J. J. Brady
21st Nov 1903 Kidsgrove Contest 6 Casket of Gems 4 J. J. Brady
27th Aug 1903 Ellesmere Contest 2 Casket of Gems 4 J. J. Brady
15th Nov 1902 Runcorn Contest W Casket of Gems

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