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New Barnet

Also/previously known as: New Barnet Town

Contest Results

Date Contest Position Test Piece Draw Conductor
10th Dec 1910 Camberwell Contest For King and Country 2 George Byford
11th Jun 1910 Dartford Contest (Section 2) Unknown, do you know?
20th Nov 1909 London and Home Counties Crystal Palace Contest (Second Section) Sullivan No. 2 Unknown, do you know?
21st Aug 1909 Dartford Contest (Section 2) 2 Old Favourites George Byford
31st May 1909 Bromley Contest (Second Section) 1 George Byford
29th Aug 1908 Dartford Contest (Section 2) 3 1 George Byford
20th Apr 1908 Barnet Contest (Second Section) 2 George Byford
13th Oct 1906 Bromley Contest (Second Section) Gems of Haydn [arr. W. Rimmer] Unknown, do you know?
25th Jun 1904 Wembley Park Contest (Section 1) Poliuto (arr. Edwin Swift) Fred Dimmock
4th Apr 1904 Lewisham Contest (1st Section) Poliuto (arr. Edwin Swift) Fred Dimmock
6th Feb 1904 London and Home Counties BBA Contest (First Section) Poliuto Suite [arr. Hawkins] Fred Dimmock
15th Aug 1903 Woolwich Contest 3 Gems of Welsh Melody 2 Fred Dimmock
22nd Jul 1903 Biggleswade Contest Gems of Welsh Melody 1 Fred Dimmock
27th Jun 1903 Wembley Park Contest (Section 1) 3 Gems of Welsh Melody 1 Fred Dimmock
13th Apr 1903 Barnet Contest Casket of Gems 1 Fred Dimmock
23rd Aug 1902 Crystal Palace Contest (National Cooperative Festival) 4 Unknown, do you know?
26th Jul 1902 Walthamstow Contest 4 Unknown, do you know?
31st Mar 1902 Barnet Contest Songs of Shakespeare Unknown, do you know?
31st Aug 1901 Dunstable Contest 3 Unknown, do you know?
8th Apr 1901 Barnet Contest 4 Songs of Scotland 3 Fred Dimmock
12th May 1900 Dunstable Contest Songs of England [Round] 1 Fred Dimmock
16th Apr 1900 Barnet Contest Songs of England [Round] 6 Fred Dimmock

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