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Also/previously known as: Newhall Hey, Newhallhey Mills, New Hall Hey Mills

This band no longer exists.
Region:North West

Contest Results

Date Contest Position Test Piece Draw Conductor
1st Sep 1906 Crawshawbooth Contest Fedora Unknown, do you know?
5th Sep 1903 Crawshawbooth Contest La Belle Espagnole 7 R. Fletcher
25th Jul 1903 Rishton Contest 8 R. Fletcher
13th Jun 1903 Ramsbottom Contest 2 La Belle Espagnole 8 R. Fletcher
5th Jun 1903 Whit Friday Whitworth 3 Unknown, do you know?
5th Jun 1903 Whit Friday Whitworth (Warpers Arms) 4 Unknown, do you know?
5th Jun 1903 Whit Friday Bacup 4 Unknown, do you know?
2nd May 1903 Rawtenstall Contest La Belle Espagnole Unknown, do you know?
26th May 1894 Boothfold Contest 3 Pomona Unknown, do you know?
12th May 1894 Rawtenstall Contest 5 Pomona Fred Durham
12th Aug 1893 Ashton Contest 2 Theodora 15 Fred Durham
29th Jul 1893 Pendleton Contest 1 Theodora 10 Fred Durham
3rd Jun 1893 Boothfold Contest W Marino Faliero [arr. Round]
13th May 1893 Rawtenstall Contest 2 Theodora 8 Fred Durham
10th Sep 1892 Clayton Contest 1 Medusa Fred Durham
3rd Sep 1892 Haigh Band Contest 3 Merry Changes 6 Fred Durham
27th Aug 1892 Manchester Contest 1 Paul Jones 6 Fred Durham
6th Aug 1892 Burnley Contest 1 Medusa 5 Fred Durham
23rd Jul 1892 Bacup Contest 4 Maritana [unknown arranger] Fred Durham
4th Jun 1892 Platt Bridge Contest 4 The Don Fred Durham
28th May 1892 Goodshaw Contest 5 Il Giuramento [arr. Godfrey] 15 Fred Durham
14th May 1892 Rawtenstall Contest 1 Mendusa 8 Fred Durham
7th May 1892 Horwich Contest 1 The Don Unknown, do you know?
16th Apr 1892 Standish Contest 3 Medusa 24 Fred Durham
16th Apr 1892 Blackrod Contest Merry Changes 11 Fred Durham
22nd Aug 1891 Bamber Bridge Contest 10 Galatea Quadrilles 1 Fred Durham
8th Aug 1891 Padiham Contest 2 Galatea Quadrilles 2 Fred Durham
1st Aug 1891 Crawshawbooth Contest 3 Galatea Quadrilles 6 Fred Durham
9th May 1891 Rawtenstall Contest 4 Hallelujah Chorus [arr. Round] 12 Unknown, do you know?
28th Mar 1891 Accrington Contest Cynthia Fred Durham
13th Sep 1890 Rochdale Contest (1800s) 3 Fred Durham
6th Sep 1890 Chorley Contest 2 Pandora Quadrilles 17 Fred Durham
23rd Aug 1890 Leyland Contest 2 Pandora Quadrilles 6 Fred Durham
9th Aug 1890 Crawshawbooth Contest 5 Pandora Quadrilles 3 Fred Durham
2nd Aug 1890 Haslingden Contest 3 Pandora Quadrilles Fred Durham
24th May 1890 Platt Bridge Contest 4 Pandora Quadrilles Fred Durham
10th May 1890 Rawtenstall Contest 1 Hallelujah Chorus [unknown arranger] Fred Durham
3rd May 1890 Blackrod Contest 2 Pandora Quadrilles 7 Fred Durham
5th Apr 1890 Upholland Contest 2 Pandora Quadrilles 2 Fred Durham
24th Aug 1889 Leyland Contest 1 Cynthia 7 Fred Durham
27th Jul 1889 Haslingden Contest 4 Diana 6 Fred Durham
22nd Jun 1889 Chorley Contest 7 Unknown, do you know?
18th May 1889 Rawtenstall Contest 1 Diana Thomas German
1st Sep 1888 Miles Platting Contest 4 Victory [Round] 19 Thomas German
21st Jul 1888 Hollinwood Contest 'Worthy is the Lamb' and 'Amen' from The Messiah Unknown, do you know?
30th Jun 1888 Farnley Own Choice Contest 4 Fatherland 9 John Lord
27th Aug 1887 Bacup Contest 5 Kyrie and Gloria from Haydn's 2nd Mass John Lord
30th Jul 1887 Accrington Contest 6 Kyrie and Gloria from Mozart's 12th Mass [arr. Round] Unknown, do you know?
22nd May 1886 Newchurch Contest Kyrie and Gloria from Mozart's 12th Mass [arr. Round] 12 John Lord
24th Apr 1886 Rawtenstall Contest 9 John Lord
23rd May 1885 Newchurch Contest 8 Comfort Ye and The Glory of the Lord 9 John Paley
21st Apr 1883 Kearsley Contest Hallelujah Chorus [unknown arranger] 9 Isaac Marsden
19th Aug 1876 Haslingden Contest 4 Unknown, do you know?
3rd Jul 1875 Blackburn Contest W
27th Mar 1875 Trawden Contest Nabucodonosor [unknown arranger] J. T. Marsden

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Was for a short period the 2nd Volunteer Battalion East Lancashire Regiment.

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