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Spalding Brass

Also/previously known as: R.B.L. Band (Spalding), RBL Spalding, (Royal British Legion) Spalding, Royal British Legion (Spalding), Royal British Lgn Spalding, Spalding Band

Contest Results

Date Contest Position Test Piece Draw Conductor
24th Mar 2002 Lincolnshire BBA Contest Unknown, do you know?
5th Mar 2000 Midlands Area (Third Section) 13 Narnia Suite 2 Steve Ingham
7th Mar 1999 Midlands Area (Third Section) 6 Main Street 15 Steve Ingham
8th Mar 1998 Midlands Area (Third Section) 16 Three Saints Steve Ingham
2nd Mar 1997 Midlands Area (Third Section) 10 Tintagel 8 Steve Ingham
2nd Feb 1997 North East Midlands Contest (Third Section) 1 3 Steve Ingham
3rd Mar 1996 Midlands Area (Third Section) Divertimento [Kelly] 18 John Lyon
12th Mar 1995 Midlands Area (Third Section) Snowdon Fantasy 5 Steve Ingham
1st May 1994 East Anglian BBA Spring Festival (Class A) 2 Oceans Steve Ingham
6th Mar 1994 Midlands Area (Third Section) Chorale and Toccata 7 Steve Ingham
13th Feb 1994 Milton Keynes Brass Band Festival (Second and Third Section) 7 Steve Ingham
2nd May 1993 East Anglian BBA Spring Festival (Class A) 2 Music for a Festival [Sparke] Steve Ingham
6th Mar 1993 Midlands (North) Area (Third Section) The Shipbuilders Steve Ingham
11th Oct 1992 Cleethorpes Entertainment Contest (Section B) 2 2 Steve Ingham
3rd May 1992 East Anglian BBA Spring Festival (Class A) 2 Triptych [Sparke] Steve Ingham
8th Mar 1992 Midlands (North) Area (Third Section) W Suite for Brass [Segers]
13th Oct 1991 Cleethorpes Entertainment Contest (Section B) 3 Steve Ingham
5th May 1991 East Anglian BBA Spring Festival (Class A) 2 Coriolanus Unknown, do you know?
9th Mar 1991 Midlands (North) Area (Fourth Section) Four Fors for Brass 10 Steve Ingham
4th Nov 1990 Harborough Band Contest (Section B) 2 Steve Ingham
6th May 1990 East Anglian BBA Spring Festival (Class B) 1 Four Preludes Steve Ingham
10th Mar 1990 Midlands (North) Area (Fourth Section) Summer Fantasy 15 Steve Ingham
15th Oct 1989 Cleethorpes Entertainment Contest (Section B) 3 Unknown, do you know?
24th Mar 1989 Pontins Hemsby (Fourth Section) 5 Partita [Gregson] 7 Steve Ingham
6th Oct 1988 Cleethorpes Entertainment Contest (Section B) 4 Steve Ingham
29th Nov 1987 City of Leicester Brass Band Festival (4th Section) Blenheim (Heroic Overture) Steve Ingham
4th May 1986 East Anglian BBA Class C 1 The Princess and the Poet Steve Ingham

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