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Renishaw & Oxcroft Collieries

Also/previously known as: Renishaw and Oxcroft Collieries, Renishaw and Oxcroft Colliery, Renishaw United

This band no longer exists.

Contest Results

Date Contest Position Test Piece Draw Conductor
25th Sep 1937 Crystal Palace (Junior Shield - C) 1 Ballads of the Twentieth Century 24 J. H. Argyle
24th Jul 1937 Belper Contest 1 Happy Memories J. H. Argyle
27th Jun 1936 Belper Contest 1 J. H. Argyle
24th Aug 1935 Belper Contest 1 Unknown, do you know?
28th Jul 1928 Sheffield Contest 3 Unknown, do you know?
4th Jul 1925 Handsworth Woodhouse Contest Any Liverpool Journal Piece J. H. Argyle
13th Sep 1924 Sheffield & District (Class C) 3 Dawn of Spring J. H. Argyle
28th Jun 1924 Eckington Contest William Tell [unknown arranger] Unknown, do you know?
Years Contest
1935 1936 1937 Belper Contest

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