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Rothwell Town [Northamptonshire]

Also/previously known as: Rothwell Prize, Rothwell Town, Rothwell Town Prize

Contest Results

Date Contest Position Test Piece Draw Conductor
5th Jul 1902 Stanion Contest 1 Songs of Shakespeare 10 Randolph Ryan
6th Jul 1901 Stanion Contest 3 Echoes of the Ocean 4 Randolph Ryan
19th Sep 1896 Woodford Contest 3 Joan of Arc [Round] 1 Walter Reynolds
3rd Aug 1895 Burton Latimer Contest 1 Aurora [Round] 1 Walter Reynolds
4th Jul 1893 Stanion Contest 3 Joan of Arc [Round] Alexander Owen
3rd Jul 1893 Kettering Contest Luisa Miller [arr. Godfrey] 5 Alexander Owen
10th Jun 1893 Rushden Contest W Luisa Miller [arr. Round]
3rd Jun 1893 Stamford Contest W
13th May 1893 Burton Latimer Contest   Joan of Arc [Round] 5 Alexander Owen
6th Jul 1892 Stanion Contest Il Giuramento [arr. Round] 3 Thomas Young
2nd Jul 1892 Kettering Contest W El Dorado
11th Jun 1892 Finedon Contest W Il Giuramento [arr. Round]
19th Sep 1891 Kettering Contest 3   Linda di Chamounix [unknown arranger] 5 Edwin Swift
29th Aug 1891 Rushden Contest Linda di Chamounix [unknown arranger] 5 Unknown, do you know?
22nd Aug 1891 Stanwick W
7th Aug 1891 Rushden Contest Linda di Chamounix [unknown arranger] T. Hill
10th Jul 1891 Aylesbury Contest W The Bohemian Girl [unknown arranger]
7th Jul 1891 Stanion Contest 3 Stanley in Africa 5 Edwin Swift
6th Sep 1890 Burton Latimer Contest 3 Lyric Garland 1 George F. Birkinshaw
26th Jul 1890 Rushden Contest 4 Lyric Garland 4 T. Hill
8th Jul 1890 Stanion Contest 4 Stiffelio [unknown arranger] 4 T. Hill
15th Feb 1890 Leicester Contest Nil Desperandum 10 T. Hill
8th Sep 1889 Stanwick (2nd Class) 1 Luisa Miller [arr. Godfrey] 1 Walter Reynolds
11th Jul 1860 Enderby Jackson's 'Sydenham Amateur Contest' Thomas Garratt

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