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Sheringham Temperance

This band no longer exists.
Region:London and Southern Counties
Years active:1923 - 1956
Descendants:Cromer and Sheringham Brass Band

Contest Results

Date Contest Position Test Piece Draw Conductor
10th Apr 1950 East Anglian BBA Championship Class 3 Alfred Ashpole
25th Feb 1950 London and Southern Counties (Third Section) Indian Summer Unknown, do you know?
1949 East Anglian BBA Spring Festival (Championship Class) 1 Unknown, do you know?
29th Mar 1948 East Anglian BBA Spring Festival (Championship Class) 2 Cosi Fan Tutte [arr. Godfrey] Alfred Ashpole
7th Jun 1947 East Anglian BBA Spring Festival (Championship Class) 1 Recollections of Mendelssohn Henry Grice
4th Mar 1939 City of Leicester Brass Band Festival (Third Section) 5 F. Wallwork
24th Sep 1938 Crystal Palace (Junior Cup - B) 2 Comedy Overture F. Wallwork
25th Sep 1937 Crystal Palace (Junior Cup - B) The Royal Water Music 29 F. Wallwork
19th Jun 1937 Reepham Contest (Class A) Unknown, do you know?
13th Jun 1936 East Anglian BBA Class A 3 Recollections of Bellini (arr. Rimmer) F. Wallwork
19th Apr 1935 Fakenham Contest (Section 1) 4 Coriolanus 2 F. Wallwork
23rd Jun 1934 Reepham Contest (Class A) 3 Echoes of the Opera F. Wallwork
14th Apr 1933 East Anglian BBA Section 1 2 La Traviata [unknown arranger] 2 F. Wallwork
25th Mar 1932 East Anglian BBA Spring Festival (Section 1) 1 Il Bravo [arr. Round] 4 F. Wallwork
26th Sep 1931 Crystal Palace (Junior Shield - A) Lyric Suite F. Wallwork
6th Jun 1931 Norfolk Band Festival 1 La Favorita [arr. Godfrey] F. Wallwork
27th Sep 1930 Crystal Palace (Junior Shield - B) 5 In Old Vienna 15 F. Wallwork
4th Aug 1930 Sheringham Contest 1 F. Wallwork
12th Jul 1930 Cawston Contest (Section 1) 2 F. Wallwork
14th Jun 1930 Norfolk Band Festival 3 The Marriage of Figaro - selection F. Wallwork
26th Apr 1930 Norwich Contest 2 The Merry Wives of Windsor [Keighley] F. Wallwork
7th Sep 1929 King's Lynn Contest 1 A Souvenir of the Opera F. Wallwork
13th Jul 1929 Cawston Contest (Section 1) 1 A Souvenir of the Opera F. Wallwork
8th Jun 1929 Fakenham Contest (Section 1) 3 A Souvenir of the Opera F. Wallwork
29th Sep 1928 Crystal Palace (Junior Shield - A) Accrington Joseph Crawford Dyson
28th May 1927 Cawston Contest (Section 1) 3 A Garland of Classics W. C. Williams
11th Sep 1926 King's Lynn Contest 4 Melodious Gems 12 Unknown, do you know?

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