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Silverwood Colliery

Also/previously known as: Silverwood Colliery Welfare, Sivlerwood Colliery Welfare Band

Contest Results

Date Contest Position Test Piece Draw Conductor
6th Mar 1966 CISWO Yorkshire (3rd Section) Thames Valley Suite F. G. Green
23rd Mar 1963 North Eastern Area (Third Section) W The Rivals
3rd Mar 1963 CISWO Yorkshire (3rd Section) 4 The Rivals 4 Eric Foster
17th Mar 1962 North Eastern Area (Second Section) Peter Schmoll 8 Eric Foster
1st Jul 1961 Nottinghamshire Miners Welfare Music Festival Third Section Unknown, do you know?
26th Oct 1957 National Championship of Great Britain (Third Section Final) Sinfonie Concertante Arthur Barlow
6th Apr 1957 North Eastern Area (Third Section) 3 Spirit of Progress Arthur Barlow
29th Apr 1956 Blackpool Contest (B Section) 1 A Summer Day Arthur Barlow
29th Apr 1956 Blackpool Contest (A Section) 3 Arthur Barlow
10th Mar 1956 North Eastern Area (Third Section) 1 Arthur Barlow
4th Mar 1956 CISWO Yorkshire (2nd Section) 3 Emelia Arthur Barlow
21st May 1955 Senior Trophy Crown Cavalcade 11 George W. Sykes
23rd Apr 1955 North Eastern Area (Third Section) Crown Cavalcade 12 George W. Sykes
5th Mar 1955 CISWO Yorkshire (2nd Section) 3 L'Ebreo [arr. Godfrey] Unknown, do you know?
28th Nov 1954 Yorkshire v. Lancashire Contest (Class B) 2 Divertimento [Ball] Unknown, do you know?
10th Apr 1954 North Eastern Area (Third Section) Glastonbury 4 George Hespe
18th Apr 1953 North Eastern Area (Third Section) A Holiday Suite Harry Mileman
8th Mar 1953 CISWO Yorkshire (3rd Section) 3 Scottish Melodies Unknown, do you know?
1st Mar 1952 CISWO Yorkshire (3rd Section ) 2 Wayside Scenes Harry Mileman
6th May 1950 North Eastern Area (Fourth Section) May Day Reginald Gray
5th Mar 1950 CISWO Yorkshire (3rd Section) Songs of Wales Reginald Gray
23rd Apr 1949 North Eastern Area (Fourth Section) Pride of the Forest Reginald Gray
27th Mar 1948 North Eastern Area (Fourth Section) Three Songs without Words Unknown, do you know?
10th May 1947 Belle Vue May Contest (Class B) Divertimento [Ball] Reginald Gray
15th Mar 1947 North Eastern Area (Fourth Section) 4 Divertimento [Ball] Reginald Gray
6th Apr 1946 North Eastern Area (Third Section) The Sicilian Vespers [unknown arranger] Unknown, do you know?
23rd Jun 1945 North Eastern Area (Third Section) Rienzi [arr. Cope] Unknown, do you know?
13th Aug 1938 Rotherham Contest Unknown, do you know?
5th Dec 1936 Sheffield (City Hall) Contest Echoes of the Opera Unknown, do you know?
6th Aug 1934 Wentworth Contest Unknown, do you know?

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