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Also/previously known as: Brass Band DeSpijkerpakken, Jeugdbrassband Ureterp/Fr.palen, Regionale Brassband De Spijkerpakkenband Opsterland

Contest Results

Date Contest Position Test Piece Draw Conductor
30th Oct 2021 Dutch Nationals (Championship Division) 6 The World Rejoicing (Variations on a Lutheran Chorale) 3 Ido Gerard Kempenaar
8th Jun 2019 Dutch Open (Championship Division) 5 Erik Janssen
27th Oct 2018 Dutch Nationals (Championship Division) 6 Old Licks Bluesed Up 5 Erik Janssen
16th Jun 2018 West of England Bandsmen's Festival (Championship Section) 3 Isaiah 40 1 Erik Janssen
28th Oct 2017 Dutch Nationals (Championship Division) 10 Handel in the Band Erik Janssen
8th Jul 2017 World Music Contest (WMC) (1st division) 3 Music of the Spheres Erik Janssen
22nd Oct 2016 Dutch Nationals (First Division) 1 Sinfonietta no. 3 [Crausaz] 3 Erik Janssen
16th Apr 2016 Flemish Open Brass Band Championship (B-Section) 1 Log Out 3 Erik Janssen
14th Nov 2015 Dutch Nationals (First Division) 2 Sounds 6 Erik Janssen
20th Jun 2015 Survento Brass (Group A) 1 1 Erik Janssen
1st Nov 2014 Dutch Nationals (First Division) 1 Pursuing Horizons 1 Erik Janssen
7th Dec 2013 Dutch Nationals (First Division) 2 Diversions on a Bass Theme 3 Erik Janssen
6th Jul 2013 World Music Contest (WMC) (1st division) 1   Psyche 7 Erik Janssen
1st Dec 2012 Dutch Nationals (First Division) 6 Time Machine 7 Erik Janssen
9th Jun 2012 Euro Brass (B-Group) 5 Jappie Kuipers
3rd Dec 2011 Dutch Nationals (First Division) 6 Alhambra 4 Thijs Oud
4th Jun 2011 Euro Brass (B-Group) 5 Glory Fanfare Thijs Oud
4th Dec 2010 Dutch Nationals (First Division) 2 Macabre Thijs Oud
4th Jul 2010 Brighouse March & Hymn Tune Contest Thijs Oud
19th Jun 2010 Survento Brass (Group A) 3 John Blanken
17th Apr 2010 Flemish Open Brass Band Championship (B-Section) 7 Sounds 5 Thijs Oud
28th Nov 2009 Dutch Nationals (First Division) 1 Salute to Youth Thijs Oud
11th Jul 2009 World Music Contest (WMC) (1st division) 6 The Essence of Time 9 Thijs Oud
29th Nov 2008 Dutch Nationals (First Division) 1 The Essence of Time 8 Thijs Oud
8th Jun 2008 French Open (Excellence Division) 4 Thijs Oud
1st Dec 2007 Dutch Nationals (First Division) 2 A Tribute to Henk Badings Thijs Oud
2nd Dec 2006 Dutch Nationals (First Division) 9 Dances and Arias Thijs Oud
3rd Dec 2005 Dutch Nationals (First Division) 5 Suite Montreux Thijs Oud
9th Jul 2005 World Music Contest (WMC) (1st division) 3 Spectrum [Vinter] Thijs Oud
30th Jun 2001 World Music Contest (WMC) (2nd division) 2 Toccata Festiva Sijtze van der Hoek
30th Nov 1996 Dutch Nationals (Fourth Division) 1 Fragments for Brassband Sijtze van der Hoek
9th Dec 1995 Dutch Nationals (Fourth Division) 4 Diogenes Sijtze van der Hoek
12th Dec 1992 Dutch Nationals (Fourth Division) 1 Prelude, Song and Dance Sijtze van der Hoek

Whit Friday

Whit Friday results are not included in the statistics and charts above.

Date Contest Position Conductor March
13th Jun 2014 Delph (Whit Friday) 9 Unknown, do you know? March: Margam Abbey
13th Jun 2014 Denshaw (Whit Friday) 11   Unknown, do you know? March: Margam Abbey
13th Jun 2014 Scouthead (Whit Friday) 13   Unknown, do you know? March: Margam Abbey
13th Jun 2014 Grotton (Whit Friday) 14 Unknown, do you know? March: Margam Abbey
13th Jun 2014 Lees (Whit Friday) 19 Unknown, do you know? March: Margam Abbey
13th Jun 2014 Greenfield (Whit Friday) 21 Unknown, do you know? March: Margam Abbey

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