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Also/previously known as: Throckley Coal Company, Throckley Colliery, Throckley Workmens, Throckley Workmen's

Contest Results

Date Contest Position Test Piece Draw Conductor
14th Nov 1925 Newcastle Wireless Contest Unknown, do you know?
26th Jul 1924 Morpeth Contest 6 Unknown, do you know?
12th May 1923 Newcastle Musical Tournament (Section 2) Kubla Khan Unknown, do you know?
2nd Dec 1922 Northern Band Association (Second Section) 3 1 Joseph Young
28th Sep 1918 South Shields Contest Wales 9 T. Entwistle
17th Aug 1918 Newcastle Contest (First Section) Land of the Shamrock 3 T. Entwistle.
8th May 1915 Newburn Contest 4 James Oliver
11th Jul 1914 Morpeth Contest 3 Unknown, do you know?
23rd May 1914 Birtley Contest - Division 3 2 Edelweiss Richard Binnie
19th Jul 1913 Morpeth Contest 2 Richard Binnie
12th May 1913 Ashington Contest Unknown, do you know?
7th Sep 1912 Mickley Contest 2 Richard Binnie
17th Aug 1912 Walbottle Contest 1 The Old Abbey Richard Binnie
20th Jul 1912 Northumberland Miners Gala 1 5 Unknown, do you know?
15th Jul 1911 Tynemouth Contest 1 Unknown, do you know?
27th Aug 1910 Whittingham Contest 2 F. Hedley
31st Jul 1909 Benwell Contest Echoes of the Empire Unknown, do you know?
17th Jul 1909 Tynemouth March Contest 1 Unknown, do you know?
1st Aug 1908 Benwell Contest Echoes of England Unknown, do you know?
14th Sep 1907 Mickley Contest 3 Fair Rosamond 4 R. Cooper
2nd Jun 1906 Haltwhistle Contest 1 John O'Gaunt [1900s] R. H. Cooper
7th Oct 1905 Tynemouth Contest Carmelite J. A. Greenwood
1st Aug 1903 Wigton Contest 5 Songs of Scotland 3 J. A. Greenwood
1st Jun 1903 Howden-le-Wear Contest 1 Gems of British Song [arr. Round] 4 J. A. Greenwood
18th Aug 1900 Walbottle Contest 2 Sunny Spain 4 F. Hedley
30th Sep 1899 Newcastleton Contest Songs of England [Round] T. Valentine
9th Sep 1899 Hexham Contest Songs of the Sea 3 Unknown, do you know?
15th Jul 1899 Victoria Garesfield Contest 3 Sunny Spain J. Hedley
24th Jun 1899 Murton Colliery Contest Sunny Spain F. Hedley
3rd Jun 1899 Waterhouses Contest 2 Sunny Spain 7 J. Hedley
20th May 1899 Mickley Contest 1 Sunny Spain J. Hedley
13th May 1899 Westwood Contest Sunny Spain Unknown, do you know?
12th Sep 1896 Ryton Contest 1 G. Perry
5th Sep 1896 Haydon Bridge Contest 3 G. Perry
11th Aug 1894 Walbottle Contest 4 J. Hetherington
20th Jul 1889 Newburn Contest 2 Unknown, do you know?

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