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Wakefield City

Also/previously known as: City of Wakefield, Wakefield City Club, Wakefield Old City

This band no longer exists.

Contest Results

Date Contest Position Test Piece Draw Conductor
27th Oct 1984 Pontins (Second Section) W The Land of the Long White Cloud - Aotearoa
19th Aug 1984 Morecambe Entertainment Contest Final 2 Unknown, do you know?
15th Jul 1984 Morecambe Entertainment Contest Semi Final 2 Unknown, do you know?
17th Jun 1984 Carlton Main Youth Contest Unknown, do you know?
13th May 1984 Joshua Tetley Leeds Open (Second Section) A French Suite Unknown, do you know?
28th Apr 1984 West Yorkshire County Council Contest (Section A) David Loukes
22nd Apr 1984 Pontins Southport (Second Section) 6 A French Suite 12 David Loukes
11th Mar 1984 Yorkshire Area (Second Section) Dimensions 8 David Loukes
27th Feb 1983 Yorkshire Area (Second Section) Caprice Brass Fair 13 Gordon Pulleyn
28th Nov 1982 Horbury Victoria Prize Band Annual Brass Band Contest (Section A) G. Pulleen
13th Mar 1954 North Eastern Area (Fourth Section) Beautiful Britain G. Speight
20th Jun 1953 Knaresborough Contest Bianca e Fernando Unknown, do you know?
14th Mar 1953 North Eastern Area (Fourth Section) 4 Country Sketches G. Clayton
18th Mar 1950 North Eastern Area (Third Section) Indian Summer Unknown, do you know?
26th Jun 1948 Flockton Contest Unknown, do you know?
14th Dec 1946 West Riding Grading Contest (Section 1) 9 Lorenzo Unknown, do you know?
28th Sep 1935 Crystal Palace (Junior Shield - B) Die Feen 7 E. Slinger
3rd Sep 1932 South Kirkby Contest 3 A Village Pastoral A. A. Moore
5th Apr 1930 Barnsley Contest The Merry Wives of Windsor [Keighley] Unknown, do you know?
1st Mar 1930 West Riding Contest 6 H. F. Nicholson
26th May 1928 Rothwell Contest 7 The Mountain Sylph H. F. Nicholson
19th May 1928 Woodkirk Contest Semiramide [unknown arranger] Unknown, do you know?
4th Jun 1927 Rothwell Contest Unknown, do you know?
3rd Jun 1922 Stanley (West Yorkshire) Contest 2 Classic Gems A. H. Mitchell
17th Jun 1916 Huddersfield Band of Hope Union Contest Joseph Crawford Dyson
28th Aug 1915 Pontefract Contest 2 Joseph Crawford Dyson
14th Aug 1915 Wakefield Contest 3 Joseph Crawford Dyson
9th Sep 1914 Pontefract Contest 1 Joseph Crawford Dyson
18th Jul 1914 Wakefield Contest Unknown, do you know?
16th May 1914 South Elmsall Contest 2 Joseph Crawford Dyson
7th Feb 1914 Clayton (Bradford) Contest Classic Gems 1 Joseph Crawford Dyson
6th Sep 1913 Emley Contest 3 Unknown, do you know?
30th Aug 1913 Crigglestone Contest Unknown, do you know?
10th May 1913 Featherstone Contest 3 Red Poppies Joseph Crawford Dyson
29th Jun 1912 Featherstone Contest Apollo 11 Joseph Crawford Dyson
25th May 1912 Featherstone Contest 2 Old Abbey 7 Joseph Crawford Dyson
11th May 1912 Crofton Contest Apollo 1 Joseph Crawford Dyson
6th Jun 1908 Lofthouse Park Contest Rose Bloom Unknown, do you know?
14th Apr 1906 Woodkirk Contest Carmelite Unknown, do you know?

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