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H. Scott

23 results between 1898 and 1922

Historical Results

Contest Results

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Date Contest Band Position Points Draw
4th Sep 1922 British Open Hollingworth 14
24th Sep 1921 National Championship of Great Britain (Crystal Palace) Birtley St. Joseph 8
10th Aug 1912 Stalybridge Quickstep Contest Hollingworth 6
6th Aug 1912 South Wales & Monmouthshire Brass Band Association (C Section) Tonyrefail Silver 3 6
6th Aug 1912 South Wales & Monmouthshire Brass Band Association (B Section) Tonyrefail Silver 2
26th Sep 1908 Crystal Palace (Preliminary Cup) Hollingworth
14th Sep 1907 Denby Dale Contest Marsden 3
20th Jul 1907 Clayton West Contest Marsden 1
1st Apr 1907 Ilkley Contest Marsden 4
29th Sep 1906 Crystal Palace (Junior Cup) Marsden
6th Aug 1906 Llandilo Contest (Second Section) Llandilo Town 1
30th Jul 1906 Egremont Contest Great Clifton 2
4th Sep 1905 Llandilo Contest Llandilo Town 1
26th Apr 1905 Pontypridd Contest (First Section) Tonyrefail 1
24th Apr 1905 Abergavenny Contest Tonyrefail 2
24th Apr 1905 Mountain Ash Contest (First Section) Tonyrefail 3
1st Apr 1905 Bristol Contest Tonyrefail 2
2nd Jun 1903 Lancaster Contest Leyland Subscription 5
26th Apr 1902 Cliviger Contest Leyland Subscription 1
14th Jul 1900 Belle Vue July Contest Royal George 10 89
5th Aug 1899 New Brighton Contest Workington Artillery 4
31st Jul 1899 Workington Contest Workington Artillery 2
23rd Jul 1898 Blaenau Festiniog (Local Section) Royal Oakley 3

Whit Friday

Whit Friday results are not included in the statistics and charts above.

Date Contest Band Position
5th Jun 1903 Bottom Mossley (Whit Friday) Lindley 2
31st May 1901 Uppermill (Whit Friday) Mossley
31st May 1901 Uppermill (Whit Friday) Royal George

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