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Contests starting with O

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Name Events on Site
Oakdale Contest 3
Oakdale Contest (Class C) 1
Oakengates Contest 4
Oakengates Contest (Open Section) 1
Oakengates Contest (Second Section) 1
Oakerthorpe Contest 1
Oakham Contest 1
Ockbrook Contest 3
Odstock Contest 1
Ohio Brass Arts Festival 7
Old America Contest 1
Oldbury Contest 3
Old Colwyn Contest 1
Oldham Athletic Contest 1
Oldham Contest 12
Oldham Contest (1800s) 7
Oldham Contest (Championship and Section 2) 2
Oldham Contest (Championship Section) 5
Oldham Contest (Section 2) 5
Oldham Contest (Section 3) 5
Oldham Contest (Section 4) 7
Oldham Contest (Section C) 6
Oldham Entertainment Contest 14
Oldham Entertainment Contest (Section B) 7
Oldham Entertainment Contest (Youth Section) 1
Oldham Quickstep Contest 2
Old Hill Contest 1
Old Silkstone March & Hymn Contest 1
Ollerton Contest 2
Omagh Feis Ceoil 1
OMF Concertconcours 1
Openshaw Contest 1
Ormskirk Contest 1
Orpington Contest (Village and Junior Section) 1
Orrell Contest 1
Ossett Contest 4
Oswestry Contest 4
Otley Contest 3
Oughtibridge Contest 1
Oundle Contest 1
Oundle Contest (First Section) 1
Oundle Contest (Second Section) 1
Ouston Contest 3
Ovenden Contest 4
Overseal Contest 1
Oxford Music Festival 1
Oxfordshire & District Contest 2
Oadby Contest 4
Oberwalliser Musikfest 36
Oldham Contest 44
Olney Contest 3
Open Cumbrian Brass Band Championships 5
Orpington Contest 15
Oslo Brassfestival 9
Otago and Southland Contest 7
Oxford Annual Contest 79
Oxfordshire & District BBA Entertainment Contest 152
Oxfordshire & District BBA Winter Contest 241
Oxfordshire & District Contest 69

Starts with: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Show All

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