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Luzerner Kantonal-Musikfest (Marschmusik)

Sun 19th Jun 2022

Format: March Contest
Adjudicators: Unknown, do you know?
Venue: Emmen, LU, Switzerland

Luzerner Kantonal-Musikfest (Third Section) 2022
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Previous Event

Postponed to June 2022 (due to Corona Virus Pandemic in Spring 2020 and the Eidgenössisches Musikfest happening in June 2021)

.. Bands ( separate Ranking CS - 3rd & Brass/Wind; on Jun 12th (Draws 1-..), Jun 18th (..-..) & 19th (..-..) )

Marches played: Bands prep. two Marches and Jury decided which one to play on the Parade - pls submit when Piece known for any Band & also past Editions - thanks!

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