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Mittelländischer Musiktag, BE (Konzertmusik)

Giron de Musique Broyardes, FR/VD

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Date Winner Conductor
26th May 2018
20th May 2017
22nd May 2016
30th May 2015

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Swiss Regional/Local Contests

Contest Group Notes

The Contests listed here are mainly not ranked (some other Competitions contain individual Sections without Results in their Contest Group as well).

Next to the Contests with a common ranking there are in Switzerland a lot of Events that are not ranked but give a Feedback or an Expertise (Personal Talk of Musical Expert) on Brass Band Works or sometimes Classical Literature, Entertaining Music etc.

At such an Expertise often the whole Band can attend after playing. A great Opportunity to get a more personal and pretty detailed Info about the Playing, and often much more useful than this normally 'superficial' Notes from Adjudicators in the common Way.

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