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Norwegian National Championships (Division 3)

Fri 6th Feb 1987

Test Piece: Four Little Maids & Own Choice
- John Carr
Adjudicators: Håkon Hesthammer, Trond Eklund Johansen, Hans Stapnes
Venue: Grieghallen, Bergen, Hordaland, Norway

Norwegian National Championships (Division 2) 1987
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Position Band Conductor Points
1 Bamble Musikkorps Jan O. Ødegaard 91.6
2 Sagvåg Musikklag Per Olav Paulsen 90
3 Musikklaget Bergshorn Nils Magne Abelseth 87
4 Fagernes Musikkorps Jan Stundal 85.3
5 Haukås Musikklag Tom Osa 85
6 Røyken Musikkorps Magnar Osland 84.3
7 Oltedal Musikkorps Øystein Hellevik 82
8 Bergen Sporveis Musikkorps Stein Høyland 81.3
9 Randaberg Musikkorps Ivar Atle Fjordheim 77.6
10 Krapfoss Hornorkester Trond Elnes 77
11 Asker Brass Band Lars Emil Johannessen 76.3
11 Lysefjorden Musikklag Arvid Anthun 76.3
13 Fagernes Musikkorps Jan Stundal 76
14 Øygarden Musikklag Stein Risløw 75.3
15 Musikkorpset Heimdal Ståle Andreas Stendahl 74.3
16 Sem Musikkorps Arne Smørsten 74
17 Bagn Musikkorps Åge Evenstuen 73
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Must be something wrong - Fagernes is placed both 4th and 13?

National Championships

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