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Survento Brass [1988-2001]

14th and final contest 2001 (so 1st contest 1988?). In 2002 this was replaced by Euro Brass, which ran until 2013, when it was replaced by the Dutch Open. From 2009 a new "Survento Brass" contest was again held, a separate series.

Euro Brass (C-Group)

Contest Group Notes

current Homepage: http://www.dobc.eu/

1988(?): Survento Brass Festival established.
2001: 14th and final Survento Brass Festival run.
2002: Survento Brass replaced with Euro Brass.
2013: 12th and final Euro Brass run.
2014: No contest
2015: Euro Brass replaced with Dutch Open.

In 2009, an annual replacement to the original Survento Brass Festival was inaugurated, using the "Survento Brass" title that this contest abandoned after 2001. This contest is a separate series to those listed here and is shown elsewhere on the site.

Two other contests have used similar "Dutch Open" titles. The NBBF Dutch Open ran for a number of years until its final event in 1997, while in 2011, under the auspices of the Kerkrade World Music Contest, a "Dutch Open Brass Band Championship" was run as a one-off event.

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