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Vårspretten for schoolbands (Aspirant)

Sat 18th Mar 2017

Format: Entertainments Contest
Adjudicators: Sindre Bowitz Larsen, Siri Aastad Kvaleid
Venue: Ravnanger Grendahus, Hauglandshella, Hordaland, Norway

Vårspretten for schoolbands (Junior) 2017
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Position Band Conductor Draw Music Entertainment Total
1 Follese skolemusikkorps aspiranter Roar Minde Fagerli 8 95 7 102
2 Mjølkeråen skolemusikklag aspiranter Janne Cecilie Knutsen 7 93 8 101
3 Askøy skolebrass juniorkorps Elise Minde Fagerli 4 93 7 100
4 Felleskorpset Askøy Aspirantkorps Sara Ravnanger 1
4 Øygarden Skulemusikkorps - Aspirant Jannicke Eide Ellingsen 2
4 Lyderhorn Skolebrass Aspirantkorps Irene Graven 3
4 Erdal Skoles Musikkorps Aspirant Berit Hella Lindberg 5
4 Strusshamn Skoles Musikklag Aspirantkorps Tone Hopstad 6
4 Træet Skulemusikkorps Elise Minde Fagerli 9
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Vinner av SOLISTPRIS: Ingrid Horn-Berentsen, Lyderhorn Skolebrass

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